Happy Birthday, A Voice Coming From Then!

Today is exactly one year since we published A Voice Coming From Then by Jeremy Dixon. Largely written and edited during lockdown, A Voice Coming From Then recently won the English-language Poetry award at the Wales Book of the Year 2022 and this has given us another chance to celebrate Jeremy and his extraordinary collection in real life.

We’re building an A Voice Coming From Then tour of Wales this Autumn, with events already planned at several libraries, independent bookshops and Waterstones stores across Wales this October and November.

If you run a bookshop, library, arts venue or poetry night, then please get in touch with us on outreach@arachnepress.com and let us know if you’d be interested in hosting an event with Jeremy Dixon as a part of this tour.

If you’re in Wales (or close by) and would like to see Jeremy reading from A Voice Coming From Then, please keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the event dates and locations – coming soon!

For now, we are celebrating A Voice Coming From Then‘s book birthday with an online offer: buy a copy of the print book from our webshop and we’ll send you a code for 50% off the ebook or audiobook, which is beautifully narrated by Nigel Pilkington.

A Voice Coming From Then starts with Jeremy Dixon’s teenage suicide attempt and expands to encompass themes of bullying, queerphobia, acceptance and support.

As well as exploring identity, the tragic effects of bullying and the impact of suicide, this collection also includes unexpected typography, collage, humour, magic, discotheques and frequent appearances from the Victorian demon, Spring-heeled Jack.

One of the Wales Book of the Year judges commented: “I really admire Jeremy’s ability to be so vulnerable. I felt like he just really put his heart and his whole self into the collection.” Congratulations to Jeremy on having this immensely personal and moving collection out in the world for a whole year. 

A Voice Coming from… Tomorrow

Just a reminder that we find out tomorrow whether Jeremy Dixon has won something in the Wales Book of the Year for A Voice Coming from Then.

Listen in to the results live this Friday 29 July on BBC Radio Wales’ The Arts Show at 6pm.

in the meantime you can buy a copy from us!




Wales Book of the Year Poetry Shortlist Showcase

We were absolutely thrilled to hear that A Voice Coming From Then by Jeremy Dixon had been shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year, and so, in the spirit of non-competitive enthusiasm for poetry, we invited the publishers and poets of the other two books, Inhale/Exile by Abeer Ameer (Seren Books) and The Sorry Tale of the Mignonette by Angela Gardner (Shearsman) to join us for a celebratory showcase ahead of the winners announcement on 29th July.

If you are inspired by this video you can buy the books here,
A Voice Coming From Then: Print or ebook and audio book:
The Sorry Tale of the Mignonette