Twitter Competition Winner Announced

So the Tweeted #LondonLie most appreciated by our discerning public (separated by a single vote) is:

Originally Selfridges store only sold fridges

which was sent in by @brockbart Bartle Sawbridge.

Congratulations Bartle, you can claim your free copy of London Lies.

The results: Dead heat on tweeted lies

London Lies badges – this year’s must-have accessory

The twitter competition has ended in a dead heat!

So we need a head to head between the two:

All Pigeons belong to the Queen. To kill one is a capital offence, but feed one and you get an MBE.


Originally Selfridges store only sold fridges

which each attracted 16.67% of the vote.

To vote for your favourite, tweet #LondonLies Fridge or #LondonLies Pigeon to @arachnepress

or you can use the contact form if you don’t tweet.

Everyone else will get a badge because there are lots of ties, and  they were all good lies! (But only one badge per lie, those of you responsible for lots.

The results:
All pigeons belong to the Queen. To kill one is a capital offence, but feed them & you’ll get an MBE  16.67%
Originally Selfridges store only sold fridges  16.67%
Tower Bridge opens both upwards and downwards (to let submarines into the Pool of London)  12.5%
Stand on the Meridian line in Greenwich Park at dawn on Midsummers Day and you can see Stonehenge  12.5%
The Tower of London was originally a Texan billionaire’s folly, sold off and moved brick by brick to London in 1931  8.33%
You can tell a genuine Medium they can’t cross the road at Marble Arch without fainting  8.33%
If you present a fiver at the ticket office at Bank, they have to give you its value in gold  8.33%
If you look very carefully, you can see the bones of dinosaurs on the London Underground  8.33%
The Shard: Cockney: Swiss Chard, leaves stripped off  4.17%
The Northbound Northern Line service to High Barnet will be arriving in two minutes  4.17%

4 hours to the deadline


You have four hours left to vote on the twitter #LondonLies competition or to send us your entry for the 300 word flash fiction competition

Vote for your favourite tweeted London Lie before 4pm Halloween

 You can vote for up to 3, but you can only vote once!

Twitter competition now closed

OK! stop tweeting. The competition is now closed. Thanks to those who contributed. I will post the results thus far later today, and voting will commence. Voting closes 4pm on Halloween.