Solstice Shorts Video: Brother & Sister

Brother & Sister a Short Story by Tom McKay, read by Ray Newe and BSL interpreted by Paul Michaels at Solstice Shorts Festival 2016: Shortest Day 21st December 2016 at West Greenwich Library London #ACEFunded

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Wednesday  18/01/2017 7pm Brockley Deli The Story Sessions: Winter Tales
Rosalind Stopps reads Deliver Me, alongside other authors with wintery stories… including YOU? Join in with 100 words on theme in Flash from the Floor

Saturday 04/02/2017 2pm North Kensington Library
Poems: Bob Beagrie, Lisa Kelly, A J Akoto. Story: Katy Darby, Liam Hogan, Pauline Walker, Cherry Potts

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Mosaic of Air & Weird Lies Fantasy Launch – video

Videos from Saturday night’s sell out (had we been charging) event at Misty Moon.

Cherry Potts reads from Penelope is No Longer Waiting (Mosaic of Air)

and for Weird Lies:

David McGrath reads from The Elephant in the Tower

Angela Trevithick reads from Fuzzby & Coo

Cliff Chapman reads from Rebecca J Payne‘s Hollow Man

Alistair Lock reads from Tom McKay‘s What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles?

Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air Live Readings This Saturday

Mistymoon flier2After a fabulous evening on Tuesday (it’s taken me this long to recover!) our next event is at Misty Moon, 80 Ladywell Road (behind the Ladywell Tavern) SE13 7HS. 7.30 for 8, til about 10. Free!

Readings from both books:

Angela Trevithick: Fuzzby and Coo

Cherry Potts: Penelope is No Longer Waiting

Rebecca J Payne Hollow Man (read by Cliff Chapman)

Tom McKay: What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? (read by Alastair Lock)

David McGrath: The Elephant in the Tower

We are hoping some of the other authors will be present, so that you can collect lots of signatures to turn a wonderful book into a collector’s item, but Cherry Angela & David will definitely sign any book put in front of them.

Pop up bar, books to buy at special launch prices, free ‘Books are my Bag’ bag to stuff full of said books, and assorted other (modest)  freebies, including our prized handmade badges.

Come along, tell your friends – bring your friends.

Fantasy Tales at Misty Moon

Mistymoon flier2Join us for fantastical stories based on myth, fairytale, philosophy and, scarily (if loosely), fact.

Saturday 5th October Misty Moon Gallery, behind the Ladywell Tavern, 80 Ladywell Road, SE13 7HS

An informal event with readings of the more fantastical stories from Mosaic of Air and Weird Lies.

We will be reading:

Rebecca J Payne Hollow Man (read by Cliff Chapman)

Tom McKay: What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? (read by Alastair Lock)

Cherry Potts: Penelope is No Longer Waiting

David McGrath: The Elephant in the Tower

Angela Trevithick: Fuzzby and Coo

Keats Festival: Cupcakes, Scents, Lovers and Weird Lies – the videos

The Keats Festival is going strong, and we are very proud at Arachne Press to be a part of the proceedings.

Saturday morning Cherry Potts ran a workshop on NLP for writers, using all the senses but in particular smell – partly because people rarely think about smells, and yet they have a powerful impact on us, often unconsciously; and partly because Keats trained as an apothecary and doctor, at a time when science was beginning to really supercede traditional medicine. We had fun poking about the garden, eating cupcakes (an unexpected bonus courtesy of Keats Festival – although of course we analysed carefully texture, and flavour as we ate, in suitably pseudoscientific mode) and identifying mystery compounds and liquids by scent alone.

In the afternoon we read from Lovers’ Lies, our book for romantic cynics, which we launched at Keats House back at the beginning of the year, and did our first preview read of Weird Lies, our fantasy/ sci-fi/ peculiar anthology which will be out in September.

The stories were chosen for links to Keats (loosely!!!): medicine/health in Mirror by Cherry Potts, nature in What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? by Tom McKay and Something Missing by Bobbie Darbyshire, and the interface between art and science in The Painter and the Physicist by Tania Hershman.

A big thank-you to the authors and to the actors who read on behalf of Cherry and Tom: Will Everett who has now read Mirror several times and is finding new subtle ways to explore the emotional undertow each time, and Kim Scopes who stepped in at the last minute, and found a truly tadpole-like voice for the tadpoles, earthy, eager and slightly speedy: in my mind this will be  the voice of tadpoles for ever more.

There will be further previews of Weird Lies on Sunday 9th June 6-9, at Misty Moon Gallery SE13. More information soon!

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Keats Festival Arachne Press Author Reading

Saturday 25th May 3-4pm £5 keats house
Keats House, Keats Grove, Hampstead NW3 2RR

Contact Keats House on 020 7332 3868, or email them at  to book

As part of the Keats Festival we are reading from Lovers’ Lies, and Weird Lies (which is due out in September 2013)

Focusing (loosely!) on the elements of Keats’ life not directly involved in poetry: science, medicine, and nature, Arachne Press bring you stories of the Garden of Eden, conversations with tadpoles, a meeting of minds across disciplines, and love, repression and an old-fashioned approach to doctoring.

From Lovers’ Lies:
The Painter and the Physicist Tania Hershman (read by the author)
Mirror Cherry Potts (read by Will Everett)
Something Missing Bobbie Darbyshire (read by the author)

From Weird Lies
What Does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? Tom McKay (read by Kim Scopes)