Story Sessions – May 2014 – Technician’s Tales – Video

Here’s the video snippets for our May event, our first at new venue The Cafe of Good Hope.

The Technician’s Tales – Science Fiction, of all kinds and flavours.

Cliff ChapmanExtract-Terrestrials

Dan Carpenter – Old Sheets for Dirty Jobs (from new Boo Books anthology After the Fall)

Catherine SharpeAnother Lesbian Space Fantasy (read by Carrie Cohen)

Cherry PottsThe Dark is My Delight

And finally

Liam HoganCandle


Flash from the Floor at Technician’s Tales

Our first Story Sessions at The Cafe of Good Hope, and the audience were very keen to join in. Not to be outdone, so did the readers.

I can personally vouch that all the following were written in the interval, so hot off the press that they were still warm to the touch.


Dominic Elliot’s take on reading in public

Carrie Cohen’s timely warning to be careful what you vote for

Cliff Chapman’s take on a quiet drink