First Solstice Shorts Festival Video for Twelfth Night


Happy new year!

You might think we just took an extra-long break over Christmas but not a bit of it: we’ve been editing the videos of the festival. There are about 60 of them, so be prepared for a long drawn out delivery programme, while we work out the logistics.

Anyway, to keep you engaged here is the first, Summer All Year Long singing the only remotely Christmas orientated offering, The King, which is a traditional Mummers song, SAYL’s version is based on a Steeleye Span recording, but  messed about with, mainly by Peter., It celebrates the unlovely tradition of Hunting the Wren, but we draw a veil over that, it’s a great song with obscure lyrics the meaning of which you can decide for yourself, and it is perfect for Twelfth night.