First Review for The Old Woman From Friuli

We’ve had an absolutely lovely review for Ghillian Potts‘ book for younger children, The Old Woman from Friuli from Sue Magee at The Book Bag

I loved this story. It’s told in clear language and once the emerging reader has her tongue around Friuli and counsellor they have a good story to get their teeth into. There are some illustrations, but probably not enough to give clues to any other pesky words which don’t spring off the page and introduce themselves, but that’s me being very picky.

What is great is that it’s a story which shows that the law applies to everyone, high born, or just the old woman from Friuli. It shows that property can’t simply be taken away at the whim of an aristocrat or anyone else who has an inadequate grasp of the law. It’s also a clarion call to our daughters: they don’t need to have a husband – they can make their own way in life and they’re just as good as any man.

Three cheers, I say! [4 stars]

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