Sodden Summer: Risk Assessing outdoor events

The trouble with books is that they are sensitive to humidity.

Yesterday was the longest day -“mid” summer. Today the detailed weather forecast is for rain every other hour and high winds.

Risk assessment for Hilly Fields Midsummer Fayre commenced at 6:45 this morning.

Wind: too strong for the gazebo.

Rain: too frequent to not have the gazebo.

all packed upLosses for not going:

  • cost of pitch,(not that much);
  • possibly an afternoon of seeing it dry up and the wind drop, leading to kicking self, although all the forecasts agree that’s (pretty unlikely).
  • Effort already invested in publicising and packing up stock and banners and whatnot. (too bad).

Potential losses for going:

  • wrecking the stock and making it unsaleable (Significant)

Decision: Don’t go.

It feels like the wrong decision: it’s our local event, we’ve got local books and local authors, but there’s no point destroying the stock on the off-chance the weather will buck up.

(Sigh) Sometimes I hate the British “summer”.

Never mind, Crystal Palace Overground Festival next Saturday: they are providing the cover so that makes decisions easier.