Call out for Deaf writers

This call out is specifically for WRITING FROM DEAF AUTHORS.see our other call out if you aren’t deaf.
This year’s Solstice Shorts Festival (21st December) once again falls on a weekday, so we are taking that SHORT thing and making it really curt and to the point. and our Subject is SHORTEST DAY.

For absolute clarity, as we have had several submissions for the first stage of this call out which are off theme, your work should in some way address SHORTEST DAY, be that midwinter specifically or some other way in which a day is shortened. Interpret how you will, but if we can’t recognise a link to Shortest Day, your  work won’t get chosen.

FLASH fiction and poetry up to an absolute MAXimum of 1000 words, and we like shorter for preference, so make every word count.

Deadline 23:59 31st August 2016

Successful stories & poems will join Longest Night stories and poems in an anthology to be published in time for the festival, and of course be performed at the festival.

Entries in English or BRITISH Sign Language and your own unaided original and UNPUBLISHED work.
Writers can come from anywhere in the world, as we will have actors/signers perform your work.


If you want to submit in BSL (and it does need to be BRITISH sign language, sorry, we aren’t able to interpret other sign languages) you can send us a video: AVI, MP4, WMA, MOV.

Shortest Day call out for flash fiction & poetry part 2

This call out is for SHORT/FLASH fiction and poetry of no more than 1000 words.
In English, unpublished.
Deadline 23:59, 31 August 2016

The theme is Shortest Day.

Please stick to it, but do not use this as your title! How you choose to interpret shortest day is entirely up to you.
This is the second part of an earlier call out, and this part is to RESPOND to music for which you will be sent a link – (the reason the link is not here is to respect the copyright of the musicians and composers, only people actively seeking to respond to the call out will have access to it.) Contact us to ask for the link
Successful pieces will be performed at the 3rd Solstice Shorts Festival on 21st December 2016 in Greenwich, London. Please tell us which piece of music inspired you, so that we can curate the music and story/poem alongside, or even together.
Successful stories and poems will also be published in an anthology, alongside pieces from last year’s Longest Night event. We pay royalties for publication. (Shared between all contributors, so it will be tiny, but still!)
We already have quite a lot of poetry, so would be particularly interested in stories, but quality is foremost.
When you are ready, submit here.


Have fun.

Call out: The Story Sessions at BrockleyMax festival May & June 2016

Story Sessions logo copyWe are reviving the Story Sessions, we hope permanently! starting with a couple of events at BrockleyMax.

Brockley Max logo

Deadline for submissions 1st May. This can be previously published work as it will not lead to a book, so if you have something suitable and can come and read it, let’s hear from you.

Saturday 28th May 3pm in St Hilda’s Church, Courtrai Road Crofton Park SE4: Asylum – stories (around 1500 words) or poems around the concept of safety/sanctuary or the need for it. This is partly to showcase the Refugees Welcome anthology (not published by us!) but we want to include other work so send us stuff.
refugees welcome

Wednesday 1st June 7.30 at The Brockley Deli 14A Brockley Cross London, SE4 1BE

(we went down a storm there last year) stories (around 1500 words) or poems on the theme of Childhood. Kate Foley will be headlining this with her adoption poems The Don’t Touch Garden, but we’d like some variety. We already have stories lined up from Liam Hogan and Helen Morris – so get your oar in!

kate at a distance

Kate Foley reading from The Don’t Touch Garden

Liam Hogan reads from RAT

Liam Hogan reads from RAT

Liberty Tales Deadline Reminder

Writers!! In all the excitement about Solstice Shorts 2015: Longest Night, you might have forgotten to send us a story or poem for our Liberty Tales call out. Deadline 21st December 2015 23:59. celebrating Magna Carta with stories and poems on the theme of Liberty.

Submission Call Out Longest Night, and Liberty Reprised

What do we do for the next Solstice Shorts?  has been a question echoing about Arachne Towers for a while.

This year the solstice (and therefore Short Story Day) doesn’t coincide with the weekend (in fact we’ll have to wait until 2019), so the thinking currently is that we stick with the 21st (a Monday) and do an evening event, which will inevitably be much shorter than last year’s sunrise to sunset juggernaut. So we are taking as our theme The Longest Night.

We don’t know where we will hold the event yet, but we are thinking of starting at twilight (one minute to six) and going on until the venue throws us out. If you can think of a great venue (preferably free or cheap) please make suggestions.

Everything that follows is dependent on funding. If we don’t get any we can’t do it; if we get some, it will be a very small event, if we get sensible amounts it will be as gorgeous as we can manage and there will be a subsequent anthology.


We want to include music again and are looking for proposals from bands/ singers. (GET IN TOUCH IF THIS IS YOU!)

If you’d like to learn some potentially suitable songs, we are running a workshop of Secular Winter Songs with Lester Simpson of Coope Boyes & Simpson on 28th November in Crofton Park SE4, More details later but get on the mailing list here.


Of course there will be stories, which is where the call out comes in. This theme rather lends itself to gloom, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’d like some joyful long nights please! If you are going to serve us up something dark please feel free to wallow in it, but we don’t want to be too depressed, and remember that while we quite like creepy and ghostly Arachne WILL NOT PUBLISH (or PERFORM) HORROR, EROTICA OR ANYTHING REMOTELY APPROACHING TORTURE SCENES or GORE, and we HATE ZOMBIES.

Don’t look on that as a challenge, we mean it. Your emails will never be opened again if you send us anything of this kind.

This year we will accept poems as well, provided they are narrative, to keep in with the short story day focus.

So we are looking for:

ON THEME short story or poem, no more than 2000 words. Anyone can send us their work, provided it is their own, unpublished and in English.

(By unpublished we mean that it has not appeared in print, and if it is online anywhere it WILL be taken down at the point you submit, and that you own the copyright. If you have licensed your copyright to another publisher, in print or online we can’t consider your work.)

Submit via our Submittable account please, so that we don’t lose your work.

DEADLINE 21st October 2015 23:59


We have also re-opened our Liberty Tales call out, as we like the idea too much not to do a book – funding permitting.


8 days left to send us your story or poem on LIBERTY

A timely reminder to get busy. I know people like to play dodge the deadline but you have until 23:59 on Monday 4th May to send us your work for possible inclusion in our Magna Carta celebration event Liberty Tales in June. keep it short, but SEND IT IN!

Submit to Arachne Press

Ok, we’ve had enough with the enquiries. We weren’t going to open submissions until the end of the month, but due to popular demand they are now open, but only until the end of MAY. So that’s your window – or possibly letterbox?

Read the GUIDELINES and get in touch, we are really interested, and excited, wondering what you have in store for us.

Making Tracks: Submission Deadline extended for Stations Anthology

Hoxton, View to the City copyright Cherry Potts 2012

Arachne Press’ paean to the glories of the Overground is gradually progressing, although there seem to be engineering works, and possibly signal failures.

We have stories in place for Brockley, Canada Water,Crystal Palace, Dalston Junction, Forest Hill, Haggerston, Highbury & Islington, New Cross, New Cross Gate, Rotherhithe, Shadwell, Surrey Quays, Sydenham and West Croydon.

We have stories promised for Canonbury, Wapping and Whitechapel.

So if you would like to make your mark with a tale from the tracks, we are still looking for stories featuring Anerley,  Hoxton, Honor Oak Park, Norwood Junction, and Shoreditch High Street, we’d like to hear from you. Any genre except children’s or Erotica; maximum length in the region of 2,500 words.  We like stories with strong narratives and engaging characters we also like weird, but aren’t keen on gore. You can post your story in the message box on the contact page.

Deadline has been extended to Sunday 15th May 2012

Jump on board

© Cherry Potts 2012

Submissions for Stations Collection DEADLINE

The deadline for submissions is Midnight 31st March. Post the story in the comments box on the CONTACT page

looking forward to reading…