Outcome at Student Pride

So, here’s what we are up to with Outcome, You can get involved by

having your picture taken, like Alix here

Offering us somewhere to have a pop-up studio

or somewhere to exhibit!

exhibition at Student Pride exhibition at Student Pride2 exhibition at Student Pride3 exhibition at Student Pride4

You will soon be able to contribute to a crowd fund, but the video of Tom this afternoon wasn’t up to scratch, a lot of background noise and he’s almost lost his voice, so we’ll have to have another go, before we can get the crowdfund up and live.

#Outcome popup studio today @StudentPride

Photographer Tom Dingley is taking photos of LGBT people for the Outcome Project TODAY at Student Pride. Find him at University of Westminster, Area P3 in a room next to the main stage.

tom dingleyCome dressed for your work/ hobby / whatever.

If you can, bring a picture of yourself as a child, otherwise you can email it and we’ll photoshop it in afterwards.

A chance to be part of a travelling exhibition, a book and maybe a slideshow for schools and colleges.

Grow up, come out, be who you are, happy and successfully you.