Solstice Shorts Crowd Fund Day minus 3 and counting

Only 3 days to go. 20 backers so far (Thank you!!), and 48% of our target. Actually we’ve had a couple of off-line contributions which take it up to 53%. So can we achieve the remaining 47% in only 3 days? Not without your help. Please share far and wide!

Anyway, just thought I’d mention (again) that there isn’t long to bag something amazing donated by our terrific writers and supporters. What will take your fancy?

Digital Portrait? hand-lettered poem? reading aloud workshop?

Limited edition supporter’s T-shirt? Supporter’s badge?

VIP invitation to a book launch? Your short story edited? signed books?

Original and unique flash fiction starring you as the hero? Posters? book badges?

And then of course the real reward (provided other funders come up with the goods), a fantastic one day festival showcasing new short fiction, amazing writers, and fabulous folk from local musicians.


Solstice Shorts Festival – Crowd Fund Countdown day -4

Almost half way there, and barely 4 days to go. I was feeling a bit down about this earlier today, and I was wondering, is this crowdfunding lark just a chimera, put about to tease people?

But it seems my gloom was unjustified, as we had two takers for Katy Darby’s read-your-work-aloud workshop in just over an hour. You were just all on holiday weren’t you!

Well, shiny new month, you are rested and full of that September zeal to do something new, interesting and purposeful – so how about backing our new, interesting and purposeful festival? So new, there’s never been one before.

Time is running out!

If every single person who is on our mailing list, or who follows us all the places people follow, backed us to the tune of a £2.50 badge, we’d be well over our target.

There’s been a huge lot of effort and goodwill on the part of the people contributing the rewards, and it would be a shame if you missed out. You have until Thursday 4th September at 23:59!

Solstice Shorts expressions of interest

Ever wondered what your expression of interest looks like when it reaches us?

mostly it’s just your name and email, and whether or not you want to be on the mailing list, but occasionally someone takes advantage of the question box, usually to just wish us luck with the funding application, (thank you by the way!); and sometimes some fun is had too.
Here’s my favourite so far – name removed and with their permission to share:

I have a question!: Q. Do I have time to write a short story on the theme of time?
A. Yes.
Q. What am I thinking?
A. Only time will tell.
Q. Will I enter? Will I win?
A. Watch this space
please add me to the Arachne Press mailing list: yes

We’ve just passed the 100 expressions mark – thank you everyone, We will let you know as soon as we have news on funding. We will be putting together a crowdfunding pitch so if you feel inclined to support the festival financially, keep an eye out for the information.