Sharpening the Quill

pensWe have another date: London Transport Museum are hosting us signing Stations in their shop. That is next Saturday 8th December from 12 til 4.

Time to sharpen one’s quill (why does that sound obscene?), fill th reservoir of one’s fountain pen, or more probably scrabble about in the back of a drawer for a biro that works, and start practising witty comments and an elegant signature.

If you are out Christmas shopping in the Covent Garden area next Saturday and need a break and some sane (possibly) conversation, come and join us. There will be 2 or 3 writers at any one time, lurking about with winning smiles, and pens at the ready, willing to inscribe seasonal greetings to your favourite Auntie, eldest child, best friend – or just for you – Stations is the perfect gift!