Books from Frances Gapper – Crowd fund rewards for Dusk

I keep saying how generous our authors are – they really are! With 4 days to go here’s another offer for you. Head over to our crowd fund to support the Solstice Shorts Festival 2017 (Dusk) to take advantage. There is only one of each of these.

Pledge £15 or more for a Signed copy of  ‘In The Wild Wood’

Arachne Author Frances Gapper is offering a signed copy of her new collection of short stories In the Wild Wood (Published by Cultured Llama)








Pledge £16 or more for a copy of  ‘Matchbook Stories 4’

Another offer from Frances: a copy of TINY collection of short stories Matchbook Stories 4 (Published by Ex Machina) which includes one by her. It isn’t quite as little as a matchbook, but not far off – Not signed as it is still sealled in its shrink wrap.

Signed Arachne Books for our DUSK Crowd Fund


For the collectors amongst you – SIGNED books. limited numbers available, in some cases only ONE. Support our crowd fund for Dusk, the next Solstice Shorts Festival.


Pledge £10 or more for a Signed copy of The Old Woman from Friuli

copy of our children’s illustrated folk tale (illustrated by Ed Boxall) signed by the author, Ghillian Potts





Pledge £15 or more Signed copy of Devilskein & Dearlove

Young Adult fantasy novel Devilskein & Dearlove, (Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2015) with book-plate SIGNED by Alex Smith.
Sorry, We can’t ship to South Africa as D&D is published by someone else there.








Pledge £15 or more for a SIGNED copy of Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night, (you choose!) signed by as many of the authors as we’ve managed to catch up with, (there are only a couple of these left)



or a copy of Brat our new YA novel by Ghillian Potts, signed by the author.





Pledge £17 or more a Signed copy of an Epic Fantasy Novel

Signed Copy of Cherry Potts’ mammoth fantasy epic, The Dowry Blade. UK only, it’s a big book!








Pledge £30 or more for a Signed copy of OUTCOME

Our spectacular full colour photographic portraits by Tom Dingley, signed by him and as many of the subjects as we’ve happened to bump into. There is only ONE of these available.


Crowd fund rewards – Signed Booked

Support our crowdfund to take our books and exhibition out on tour, produce new books and support new writers

Latest Offer Signed copies of books: pledge here

liberty-tales-signed sdln-signed








Cotton Augustus II.106Pledge £15 or more Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night

A copy of either Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night, (you choose!) signed by as many of the authors as I happen to see between now and the end of the tour(s)


arachne-paper-for-feet-v5Pledge £15 or more With Paper for Feet

A SIGNED copy of forthcoming poetry collection by Jennifer A McGowan- myth magic and folklore taken in unexpected directions and given new voice



9781909208360Pledge £15 or more Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed

A SIGNED copy of Liam Hogan’s forthcoming fantasy short story collection ‘Deliciously Twisted’ tales of the unexpected.



The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover finalPledge £18 or more The Dowry Blade

signed copy of Cherry Potts’ fantasy epic The Dowry Blade. UK only, it’s a big book



9781909208261 Pledge £30 or more Outcome book

A SIGNED copy of our photographic portrait book, Outcome, by Tom Dingley. 80 LGBT portraits.signed by many of the subjects at the launch Only One Copy!! UK only, it’s a heavy book.

Crowdfund rewards for readers and collectors

That Crowdfund thing is going very s-l-o-w-l-y. So just to perk you up a bit I thought I’d give a glimpse of the signed copies of Shortest Day, Longest Night and Liberty Tales. There are only 3 of each available owing to my capacity to carry things anywhere, and needing to beard writers when I have the opportunity. I will be adding a couple more signatures at upcoming readings as there is one left for each book.


liberty-tales-signedOf course, we understand that not everyone can consider supporting us, but if we don’t hit the target, we don’t get any of the money that has already been offered, and that would leave us with difficulties in honouring commitments to pay expenses for writers and fees for actors for the book tours. This is inb effect our marketing, but the live events are just as important to us as the books – and there is no earthly reason why authors should travel at the ir own expense to give readings. So, if you really can’t help (as I can’t when asked by others) please share our Crowdfund with you friends and relations and colleagues, and encourage them to help!



the last day of crowdfund

On the last day of crowd fund, the crowd funder offered me
100 Arachne Press books
50 flash fiction greetings cards
30 books of lies
20 solstice badges
19 Longest Night Badges
19 Solstice T-shirts
5 Invites to a Book Launch
4 Original prints**
3 books signed by authors***
3 Professional edits
2 ‘handmade’ stories
and undying gratitude

This Crowd fund ended at 8am Tuesday 1st December GMT but we are continuing here with a rather simpler offering, which will run until the day so it’s not too late to up the funds. Then we can pay the performers closer to the going rate than currently. We are determined we will pay them as much as we can!

** only 3 left

*** 3 authors, at least 7 copies of the books left…

Signed books for crowdfunding Longest Night

Want something a little bit special for a Christmas present?

What about a book signed by the author?

we have 7 remaining signed copies of The Don’t Touch Garden by Kate Foley

dont touch garden signed

20 Devilskein & Dearlove (signed book-plate, Alex Smith is in South Africa!)

Devilskein signed







20 Mosaic of Airmosaic signed

Order your copies here, and help make Longest Night happen.