Today’s highlights from the Stations tour

Today at 3pm @DitchShow @ShoreditchRadio interview with Cherry, Katy and Peter C then 7pm @BrickLaneBooks readings for Shoreditch, Whitechapel and more

Listen Out for Shoreditch Radio Interview

Katy Darby, Peter Cooper and I were interviewed yesterday by Nia Charpentier of the Ditch Show Shoreditch Radio, on location in Shoreditch. I burbled about getting the Stations book into production and we each read extracts.  Finding somewhere quiet enough was a bit of a challenge, and we ended up in the miniscule green space out the back of Translate café on Kingsland Road, in  a light drizzle and with an extractor fan or a boiler or something muttering to itself in the background. Peter made the best of it as steam train sound effects for his Inspector Bucket takes the Train extract, and I was reminded once again how delightfully cruel Katy’s The Horror, the Horror really is. The segment will be broadcast on the Ditch show on Thursday 6th December 3-4pm, in nice time to plug our reading at Brick Lane Bookshop at 7pm the same day, and will be available as a podcast thereafter.