Neat Feet for Time and Tide – Crowd Fund reward!

Crowdfund countdown: 11 days to go…

She Wears Sea Shells on the Sea Shore…

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get these amazing sandals, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Size UK 5 1/2. Decorated by shell enthusiast, author, and Time and Tide organiser (Hastings) Joan Taylor-Rowan, these shoes match the dazzling mermaid crown we posted about earlier – so if, like Cinderella your foot fits, you could get both! (I particularly like the seaglass on the right foot.) FRAGILE – for fancy dress parties and dressing up boxes only! These sandals have been worn, by Joan, at just such a party, so are priced extremely competitively.

Be a mermaid queen at your next fancy dress party


Time and Tide Crowdfunding rewards still… with maritime theme!

We have a complete one-off for you: a shell-encrusted mermaid’s crown. Strictly for the dressing up box, or the fancy dress party, as it’s a bit fragile for everyday wear!

shell headdress

Made by author, and Time and Tide organiser (Hastings), Joan Taylor-Rowan, you can cut quite the dash in this. Adjustable for size!

Take a look at the crowdfund for more details…

There are matching sandals if your feet happen to be the right size!