Reviewers wanted – Shortest Day, Longest Night

Professional Reviewers, book bloggers, librarians, booksellers!

We’ve got the physical copies of Shortest Day, Longest Night and we’ve got the electronic review copy loaded on NetGalley for your reading pleasure.

Roll up your sleeves and have a National Short Story Week read!

Liberty Tales review files also available on Netgalley.

Reviewers wanted! Liberty Tales

Liberty Tales is up on NetGalley for any professional and blogger reviewers, libraries and bookshops. Magazines etc who would like hard copies please contact us.

Due to be published on 17th November 2016, Liberty Tales will be launched with readings and good cheer at West Greenwich Library on the 17th, at 7.30. Everybody welcome.

Cotton Augustus II.106

Review copies of The Dowry Blade for professional reviewers

So, we are experimenting with new ways to market our books, Our forthcoming title, The Dowry Blade by Cherry Potts (February 2016) is on NetGalley, a review site for librarians, bookshop owners, book bloggers and professional reviewers. If that is YOU, you can download an unproofed review PDF here.

The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover final