#NationalPoetryDay2020 quiz results

the answer is:

In Retail
A Gift of Rivers
The Don’t Touch Garden
In Retail
Liberty Tales

The Other Side of Sleep
The Knotsman
Let out the Djinn
With Paper for Feet
Shortest Day, Longest Night

The Significance of a Dress
Liberty Tales

#NationalPoetryDay QUIZ hints

I promised clues didn’t I…

There are 14 different books featured.

They all have poetry in, but not exclusively, so if you are searching the website for them you might need to check out the short story list too.

the rules are here. we haven’t had a correct entry yet…

Tell us what you think via the contact page... you have until 9pm.


it’s national poetry day! we have a quiz for you

this year’s theme is vision, with the tag line see it like a poet, with this in mind, to kick the day off, here’s a visual quiz for you, with a prize!

If you can correctly identify
which of our poetry collections or anthologies
features on its cover, each letter in the image above
in the right order
We’ll send you the poetry book of your choice from our list.
Maximum of three winners, who will be drawn from a hat at 9pm BST this evening.

Enter via our contact page – make sure you use the heading NPD quiz.