Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air advance copies have arrived

Mosaic of Air and Weird Lies

Mosaic of Air (cover by Melina Traub) and Weird Lies (cover by Kevin Threlfall)

I don’t know how it happened, but in the rush to get review copies and author copies and pre-ordered copies of the books in the post, I forgot to mention to you out there – they’re here!

It’s usually the first thing I do, get the camera out and take a picture of a pile of fresh books, but somehow I forgot until now.  Don’t they look lovely? You can still order these direct from us at pre-publication price of £11 (Mosaic of Air) and £9 (Weird Lies) post free within UK until publication day (26th September) so you have just under a fortnight to get those orders in, at which point we will revert to RRP although UK postage stays free.

You can, of course, order books from other retailers, or buy them direct from us at one of many events when you also have the opportunity to get your copy signed by whichever authors are there.