The Story Sessions is open for Submissions

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We are reviving the Story Sessions, we hope permanently! We are settling in to our Brockley Max venue, The Brockley Deli for a few months, with support from the Arts Council, and then we’ll see how its going.

The Story Sessions in a live literature event, with themed sessions. We run it like a folk club, so there are headliners, support acts and floor spots*.

We  have a ‘test bed’ section where you can try out a new piece on the audience just before the interval, and get written feedback.
*Floor spots: Flash from the Floor a maximum of 100 words on theme, immediately after the interval. Just turn up with your 100 words and let us know you want to read, or write something in the interval, if inspiration strikes.

We have 4 sessions lined up over the next nine months:

16/11/2016 Freedom Tales deadline 02/11/16 EXTENDED to 11/11/16 (midnight)

18/01/2017 Winter Tales deadline 04/01/17

15/03/2017 Retelling Tales (Legend and Fable) deadline 01/03/17

17/05/2017 Fantastic Tales (Fantasy) deadline 03/05/17

We are looking for STORIES first and foremost, although we will consider very good poems. We are not interested in non-fiction of any kind.

ABSOLUTE maximum 2000 words, but we are happy with  a lot shorter as it means more people can read.

This can be previously published work as it will not lead to a book, and we encourage authors from London and environs, who have a new book to promote, to offer us something suitable to the theme, but unpublished work also welcome. So if you have something on theme and can come and read it on the day, let’s hear from you.

Apply through our submittable account. (If you do it other ways I lose the emails and then people get cross.)

Weird Lies Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign goes live

We thought we’d try something new and see if we can fund our next Liars’ League Anthology Weird Lies through crowd funding.


Final cover design for Weird Lies copyright Kevin Threlfall

If you’ve not heard of this before, it’s where lots of people band together to support a project with small(ish) amounts of money, in return for rewards, which in our case range from a thank you and one of our gorgeous badges, via (signed) copies of books (Cherry Potts, Katy Darby, Alex Smith), an exploding tea flower (also Alex, and no, I don’t know what it is either), a cake recipe that features in a story (Peng Shepherd), actual cake (Katy) and story critiques (Cherry & Katy), right through to a signed DVD of Joshan Esfandiari Martin‘s short film Test Driving, a personalised, handwritten Mrs Darcy vs the Aliens story from Jonathan Pinnock, original artwork from Richard Smyth and a guided tour of the City of London from David Mildon.

Our authors are pretty special and I would like to thank every one of those who offered a contribution again, publicly. You are WONDERFUL.

We have 30 days to raise the money, and if we don’t raise it all we don’t get ANY. So if you know anyone who might help us fund this project, PLEASE pass it on to them!

Weird Lies is a distillation of the weirdest ideas Liars’ League authors have come up with. I suppose the current term is ‘speculative’ although I don’t much like that – what fiction isn’t? When I was working out what order to set the stories out in the book, I was labelling, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Myth, Down Right Peculiar, trying to make sure I didn’t clump genres together: DRP came up quite a bit!

You can see our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter here