Photos from Weird Lies Launch

All photos © Andrew Petrie 2013

A few pictures from the launch of Mosaic of Air and Weird Lies at the planetarium at Royal Observatory Greenwich (who were absolutely LOVELY) . We had a glorious star show (hence the incredible lack of light in the reading pictures) and we had a song from Summer All Year Long, and some weird and wonderful stories.

The full gallery of photos can be found here 

Big thank you to Andrew for managing to get such great pictures in next to no light.

watch this space for video – need to edit it first!

Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air Live Readings This Saturday

Mistymoon flier2After a fabulous evening on Tuesday (it’s taken me this long to recover!) our next event is at Misty Moon, 80 Ladywell Road (behind the Ladywell Tavern) SE13 7HS. 7.30 for 8, til about 10. Free!

Readings from both books:

Angela Trevithick: Fuzzby and Coo

Cherry Potts: Penelope is No Longer Waiting

Rebecca J Payne Hollow Man (read by Cliff Chapman)

Tom McKay: What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? (read by Alastair Lock)

David McGrath: The Elephant in the Tower

We are hoping some of the other authors will be present, so that you can collect lots of signatures to turn a wonderful book into a collector’s item, but Cherry Angela & David will definitely sign any book put in front of them.

Pop up bar, books to buy at special launch prices, free ‘Books are my Bag’ bag to stuff full of said books, and assorted other (modest)  freebies, including our prized handmade badges.

Come along, tell your friends – bring your friends.

It’s Publication Day

Cherry Potts, Arachne author and founder, with partner Alix Adams, in celebratory T-shirts

Cherry Potts, Arachne author and founder, with partner Alix Adams, in celebratory T-shirts

It’s finally arrived. After all the writing, choosing, naming, negotiating, cover planning, blurbing, AI-ing, blogging, forewording, typesetting, printing, marketing …

and all the other things that make a book happen, it’s time to announce TWINS!!

Two books on the same day: Weird Lies our latest collaboration with Liars’ League, and Mosaic of Air, a reprint of Cherry Potts’ first collection, are officially published today.

More weird stories than you can shake a spaceship at.

The e-book versions are slightly delayed, on account of the Towersey adventure, but it was worth it. They should be available in about a month, if not sooner.

We aren’t actually doing anything today to celebrate, beyond this blog, and this rather silly picture, but we are launching in style at The Royal Observatory next Tuesday. If you are planning on coming and haven’t yet responded to your invitation, please do so asap, as we are close to maximum numbers, and may have to open a waiting list. We are doing another set of readings in the more relaxed atmosphere of the Misty Moon Gallery on Saturday 5th October.

I would like to thank Alix (pictured, right) for her stirling support of Arachne. When first mooted, she was asked if she wanted to be involved, and a firm no came back. Nonetheless, she comes to almost all the events, sells books, chats to the audience, fields the occasional phone call and drags me away from the computer when I start cursing. Mosaic of Air was dedicated to her when it first came out twenty odd years ago – it still is.

Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air advance copies have arrived

Mosaic of Air and Weird Lies

Mosaic of Air (cover by Melina Traub) and Weird Lies (cover by Kevin Threlfall)

I don’t know how it happened, but in the rush to get review copies and author copies and pre-ordered copies of the books in the post, I forgot to mention to you out there – they’re here!

It’s usually the first thing I do, get the camera out and take a picture of a pile of fresh books, but somehow I forgot until now.  Don’t they look lovely? You can still order these direct from us at pre-publication price of £11 (Mosaic of Air) and £9 (Weird Lies) post free within UK until publication day (26th September) so you have just under a fortnight to get those orders in, at which point we will revert to RRP although UK postage stays free.

You can, of course, order books from other retailers, or buy them direct from us at one of many events when you also have the opportunity to get your copy signed by whichever authors are there.

Launching Science Fiction Stories at The Royal Observatory Spaceship not required

launch flyerTuesday 1st October The Planetarium, Royal Observatory Greenwich, SE10 9NF

Drinks in the foyer from 6.05 (building opens at 6), readings of Science Fiction stories from both Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air  from 6.45 in the Planetarium with star show.

RSVP to reserve your place, this is essential because the Observatory is in the middle of Greenwich Park, and access in the evenings is controlled and we need a guest list, and to alert you to how to get in (and more importantly out!) It’s an adventure – space suits not required, fortunately.

We will be reading:

James Smyth: Let There Be Light (read by David Mildon)

Cherry Potts: an Extract from Mosaic of Air

Andrew Lloyd-Jones ChronoCrisis3000 (read by Cliff Chapman)

Peng Shepherd Free Cake (read by Alistair Lock)

Richard Meredith The Museum of the Future (read by Henrietta Clemett)

Hope to see you there!

(Huge thanks to Marek, Rob and Ed at the Observatory for all their help setting this up, and to Sophie for the idea.)

Meeting the Deadlines

Hey ho. Memo to self: setting date to go to printers to combine with end of year accounts not very clever.

However the files for Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air are now at the printers, (thanks to Sophie for the last-minute cover quotation – see below, and to Melina and Kevin for even more last-minute tweaks).

The glitch in the Author accounting spreadsheet is sorted, so I can now concentrate on the actual number crunching for the accounts in their full format, and creating PDFs to send to all the authors, with some good news for those involved in Stations.

The Weird Lies cover quotation:

Despite many years of travel through time, space, parallel universes and alternative dimensions on screen, audio and the printed page, I have never considered myself a fan of science fiction and fantasy writing. Until now! This collection of weird, funny, sad, moving stories is a mini galaxy of treats and a thoroughly Ace read.

Sophie Aldred, Doctor Who Companion, Ace

ArachneFest – the videos

Well we had a riotously good time at Clapham Books last Thursday. here are some edited highlights of the readings and a few photos.

Cherry Potts reads from Mosaic of Air

Nichol Wilmor reads from Weird Lies

Bobbie Darbyshire reads from Lovers’ Lies

Carrie Cohen reads on behalf of Rosalind Stopps from Stations

Phil Mulryne reads on behalf of Martin Pengelly from London Lies

Our next outing is this Saturday at Leeds Cross Cultural Book Fair

IMG_7376 IMG_7380 IMG_7381 IMG_7382

You are Invited to Arachnefest: Arachne Press’ First Birthday Party

We’ve been a bit arbitrary deciding on a date for the anniversary (it took a good six months of planning to get to the point of registering the company, but it was registered at the end of July 2012, and we do have an event planned, so let’s make it a party.

Join us at Clapham Books, 120 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UH on THURSDAY 18th JULY 7pm, for cake and readings from all our books including the two due out in September.

London Lies: Martin Pengelly‘s Incurable Romantic Seeks Dirty Filthy Whore, read by Phil Mulryne.
Stations: Rosalind StoppsHow to Grow Old In Brockley read by Carrie Cohen.
Lovers’ Lies: Bobbie Darbyshire Something Missing
Mosaic of Air: Cherry Potts, Penelope Is No Longer Waiting
Weird Lies: Nichol Wilmor, An Account of Six Poisonings

Pre-ordering Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air

mosaic glyphIt’s always nice to know your marketing works – how do we know? People buy things!

We’ve just had our third pre-order for Weird Lies and first for Mosaic of Air. Yes, it’s modest, but its a start.

So to get the message really clear: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT! You can preorder our September books NOW (at a reduced price) and you will receive them ahead of publication as soon as we have them, at the same time as the reviewers. (And if you know anyone who might review for us, please tell us.)

Of course, the absolute best marketing is word of mouth, so please tell your friends, family, colleagues, your bookshop, your library, your reading group, the person sitting next to you on the bus…

weird handsSomething else we’d like you to tell them is that there are only 28 hours left to back our Kickstarter campaign. I know, I keep on about it, but if we don’t get all the money we don’t get any, so a big thank you to Steven in the USA who is our star backer so far (most recent and most generous), and who has also just ordered a copy of each of the existing books and preordered both September titles: we don’t know who you are, but we like you! (Thank you also to Rebecca, Wendy, Heath, Clare, Doris, Kenneth, David, Stephen, Carrie, Gloria, Edel and Lyn, whose generous pledges mean an enormous amount to us.)

There are still some great rewards left, including a copy of Weird Lies Author Joshan Esfandiari Martin‘s short Film Test Driving on DVD or BlueRay, or a guided walk around the City of London for up to 12 people with award-winning blue badge guide, (and Arachne Author) David Mildon, or a HANDWRITTEN unique, one-off episode of ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’ from Weird Lies Author Jonathan Pinnock, featuring YOU (or a nominated other if you are thinking of it for a gift) as a named character. A guaranteed collectors item of the future. (If it wouldn’t mean giving money to myself I’d have that one… Ooh! if anyone is stuck for a birthday present for me…).

Obviously, not everyone is in the position to be promising us money, so if you feel passionately about what we are trying to do here at Arachne Press and want to help, check out our support us page, there are lots of things that will help us, including pre-ordering Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air. And don’t forget, you technical whizzes you can now get our books on Kindle and ePub devices from your prefered retailers.

Misty Moon Preview of Weird Lies – the video

We had a spectacular evening at Misty Moon last night. Thanks to Stuart for hosting,and to all our lovely readers for making the stories shine (and for bringing a Doctor Who element to the proceedings!)and the authors for writing such brilliant material in the first place … and the audience for showing up and buying books and laughing so much.

Stuart has asked us to make it a regular date – quarterly to start off with so the next one will be Sunday 29th September, just after we publish Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air.

If, having watched the videos, you want to help Arachne Press publish Weird Lies you can contribute to the funds by preordering or by contributing to our kickstarter campaign.

Sophie Aldred reads Content Management by Derek Ivan Webster (from Weird Lies)

Alistair Lock reads Zwo by Alan Graham (from Weird Lies)

Ray Newe reads ChronoCrisis 3000 by Andrew Lloyd-Jones (from Weird Lies)

Cliff Chapman reads A Time and Place Unknown by Jason Jackson (from Lovers’ Lies)

There’s no video of Cherry Potts reading The Bone Box, from Mosaic of Air because a button didn’t get pressed on the video (that’s the sort of thing that would happen in ChronoCrisis 3000).

© Arachne Press 2013