Up-coming Lovers’ Lies events

I’ve been having fun graffiti-ing the cover of Lovers’ Lies for the poster for our reading at Wood Green on 28th February. It shows what a versatile design it is.

Lovers Lies Wood Green reading

Lovers Lies Wood Green reading original image copyright Annie Rickard Straus


Join us at 6 pm (come straight from work!) for a brief tour of the book – 5 stories in an hour – well, segments of stories perhaps.

Then of course we have our all singing all dancing outing to London School of Economics Branch Out Space for Thought Festival on Saturday 2nd March, which is actually showcasing all three books, where actors Gloria Sanders, Will Everett, Sophie Morris Sheppard, Greg Page, Jo Widdowson, Ray Newe,  and Lisa Rose will be reading from stories by Cherry Potts, Emily Cleaver, Bartle Sawbridge, Martin Pengelly, Rebecca Gould and Rob Walton; and are joined by Summer All Year Long (who are doing the singing – there isn’t really dancing).

And a bit of new news:

Bobbie Darbyshire will be reading from her story Something Missing at Booked event Words & Music #2 for  Women’s History Month.

BOOKED pster fro 17/3/2013

BOOKED poster for 17/3/2013

Friern Barnet Community Library video

Yay! Friern Barnet Community Library got it’s licence and books will continue to be lent from this lovely purpose-built home for books. A victory for sanity and community action.

Arachne Press lent our support with a little reading from each of our books last Tuesday, when things were still a bit in doubt, so delighted with the result.

Here’s the video of our reading – apologies for the sound quality with hindsight the windowsill wasn’t the best place for the camera.

Caroline Hardman & Wendy Gill read from Stations and Michelle Shine reads from Lovers’ Lies


Cherry Potts reads from London Lies and Bobbie Darbyshire and Rosalind Stopps read from Lovers’ Lies.

Lovers’ Lies Launch – the videos

It’s official publication day for Lovers’ Lies! A chance to buy your beloved something more original than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s day

We had a full house on Sunday at Keats House for the launch, (great venue by the way) we ran out of books and I had to do the publishing equivalent of ‘family hold back’ and ask the authors to wait for their free copies (they’re coming, promise). Lots of authors read and a fun time was had by all –

here’s some of the evidence.

Darren Lee reading from By The Horns

Rosalind Stopps reading from Monsieur Fromage

Nathan Good reading from The Games I’ve Played and the People I’ve Played Them With

Bobbie Darbyshire reading from Something Missing

Bartle Sawbridge reading from For Your Ears Only

Katy Darby reading from Takeaway by Alison Willis

Peter Higgins reading from Mrs Murdoch and Mr Smith

Michelle Shine reading from Skin Deep

What Arachne Authors are up to


Despite Arachne keeping our authors hard at work with events to promote our books, they do have a (writing) life outside Arachne.  Because Arachne was set up to support authors as well as produce books which we hope the reading public will fall in love with, we are very interested in what our authors are doing outside of their Arachne stuff.

so: in no particular order…

Wendy Gill is having her musical That Man performed by  Player-Playwrights  for one night only on Monday 25th February at 7.30pm, at the Florence Tavern, 50 Florence Street, Islington, London, N12DU.The play will be read/performed and then there will be a discussion/critique.

Joan Taylor-Rowan‘s musical Kandy Kottage is being showcased in a performance for one night only 14th March at the Landor Theatre as part of a festival of new theatre, from Page to Stage. She is looking for funding to build a set etc so if you have a few pennies down the back of the sofa she’d love to take them away from you http://wefund.com/project/kandy-kottage-a-bitter-sweet-musical/p56543/

Andrew Blackman‘s second novel A Virtual Love, is being published by Legend Press on 1 April 2013

Richard Smyth has a new book out Bloody British History: Leeds (The History Press – February 1), and the title story in the new Fiction Desk anthology Crying Just Like Anybody.

Ellie Stewart‘s story The Ghosties has just won first prize in the Writers Village Competition

On Saturdays Bobbie Darbyshire is often to be stumbled across in Waterstones introducing book browsers to her two novels Truth Games and Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones. And watch out for her talk in the 2013 Streatham Festival, 11-14 July.

Michelle Shine’s short story,  Blind Faith, was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Short Story competition last year. The winners anthology will be called The Book of Euclid and is out soonish.  She also has an historical novel about to be published by Indigo Dreams Publishing, Mesmerised, set in Paris in 1863

Friern Barnet People’s Library Reading Authors confirmed


The reading at FBPL on Tuesday 29th January 7-9 now has confirmed authors reading:

Rosalind Stopps, Wendy Gill, Michelle Shine, Bobbie Darbyshire, Caroline Hardman, Cherry Potts. Mostly stories from Lovers’ Lies, but a dip into each of the other books too.