International Women’s Day at Lewisham Library – videos

Here are a couple of video’s of Jennifer A McGowan reading and discussing her poetry from With Paper for Feet at our International Women’s Day event at Lewisham Library

Introduction to her fascination with witches

and her take on the witches from Macbeth, The Weird Sisters on the Make

You can next catch Jennifer reading her work at Retelling Tales,  The Story Sessions, 7pm Wednesday 15th March, at The Brockley Deli 14a Brockley Cross SE4 1BE

and 7.30 Thursday 16th March at West Greenwich Library, Greenwich High Road, London SE10 8NN


Shakespeare’s Women



Jennifer A McGowan reads some of her Shakespeare inspired poems at Midsummer Night in the Garden. Responding to:

Othello – Emilia

King Lear – Cordelia in Prison

A Winter’s Tale – Paulina as Pygmalion

Macbeth (Had to sort the camera out part way through this, so it’s a bit, um, weird.) Weird Sisters on the Make

Henry VI Parts 1-3 & Richard III – Margaret of Anjou

We hope to publish Jennifer’s next collection With Paper for Feet, in 2017, funding permitting.