Longest Night Programme

Here we go folks – this is what we have on offer on 21st December… a heady mix of short stories poems and music.



Wassail                                                                         Vocal Chords
A Little Favour by Wendy Gill                                        Read by Annalie Wilson
Past Three a Clock                                                        Vocal Chords
At The Hotel De La Lune by Sarah James                    Read by all the actors
Naughty Baby                                                               Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
Midwinter Wife by Cherry Potts                                      Read by Annalie Wilson
Ba Ba Lamie Noo                                                          Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
Life Between Lives by Sarah Evans                              Read by Patsy Prince
Solstice Carol                                                                Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
How We Know the Cold is Coming by Abigail Beckel    Read by Annalie Wilson
The Cold Time                                                               Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
Mouse by David Mathews                                              Read by Lorraine Spenceley
Dunstan Lullaby                                                            Vocal Chords
Spooning by Abigail Beckel                                           Read by Annalie Wilson

20 minute INTERVAL

Soulmate                                                                         Annalie
Dancing To Silence by Neil Brosnan                             Read by Lorraine Spenceley
The Snow it Melts the Soonest                                      Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
The Lovers Ghost                                                          Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
Vigil by Abigail Beckel                                                    Read by Lorraine Spenceley
Crossing the Bar                                                            Vocal Chords
Dunking For a New Sun by Bob Beagrie                        Read by Saul Reichlin
Drive the Cold Winter Away                                            Vocal Chords
What He Doesn’t Know by Frances Gapper                   Read by Patsy Prince
Waves                                                                            Annalie
Doubting Thomas by David McVey                                Read by Saul Reichlin
We Will Be Heard                                                          Annalie
Left of Earth, Right of Venus by Pauline Walker            Read by Patsy Prince
The Astronaut                                                               Annalie

longest night programme

Solstice Shorts on the Radio and on the Street

Listen to Cherry Potts talking about Solstice Shorts 2015: Longest Night to Gill Manly on Croydon Radio : (our segment is from 1:11 to 1:26 approximately.)
As well as talking we’ve been getting wet on the streets of Greenwich delivering leaflets and posters to like-minded venues,2015-12-08 15.33.01


and putting up the banner outside the library.2015-12-08 15.02.04

Heading out to bookshops in the locality today, and the Albany tomorrow. We have a LOT of A4 posters, if anyone has somewhere to put one – a window on a main-ish street, a pub wall,  the noticeboard at work, community board at your local cafe… if you are close enough to Forest Hill to pick one up or for us to drop one (or more!) round, get in touch.


Professional edit of your 2000 word story/ novel extract

Another of our offers for crowd fund supporters – a professional edit from Arachne Press managing editor Cherry Potts. For £100 you will get thorough, honest, detailed feedback on up to 2000 words of short story or 2000 word novel extract. £200 a total bargain! Be grateful we aren’t offering you under-editor Julian’s services…

Help us raise enough to run Solstice Shorts 2015, Longest Night by contributing to our crowd fund at Indiegogo.

Short Stories written just for you

As part of our Solstice Shorts fundraising for Longest Night, author David Mathews is offering to write two stories specifically for the lucky people who offer us the requisite funds, and would make a perfect present! Written to order of course, so there will probably not be time for it to be a christmas (or solstice!) present, but if you have someone with a birthday coming up…

David says:

I’d be happy to write a hand-made story (subject to be negotiated) for someone who would like to give it as a present or similar. Up to 1000 words for,  a pledge of £100.
I would be willing to do you two. (Ts & Cs: I’d need two weeks notice, minimum. Customers print for themselves.)

I was thinking of writing to a topic or theme that the recipient reader is interested in. It could have their name in it, of course – the night Fred Bloggs jammed with Bob Marley or discovered the world’s most valuable stamp. As long as it’s a bit of fun/moving/affirming for the recipient and lets them know, more or less, that someone loves them.
It would need a chat on the phone, maybe a bit of research, a first draft and then bingo!
If someone shows interest and says could David …? You can get them to check with me.

If you like the idea of this, you can contribute to our crowd fund campaign here