Longest Night T-shirts


Arachne directors Cherry & Alix modelling the Solstice Shorts 2015: Longest Night T-shirt

longest night tshirts

the last day of crowdfund

On the last day of crowd fund, the crowd funder offered me
100 Arachne Press books
50 flash fiction greetings cards
30 books of lies
20 solstice badges
19 Longest Night Badges
19 Solstice T-shirts
5 Invites to a Book Launch
4 Original prints**
3 books signed by authors***
3 Professional edits
2 ‘handmade’ stories
and undying gratitude

This Crowd fund ended at 8am Tuesday 1st December GMT but we are continuing here with a rather simpler offering, which will run until the day so it’s not too late to up the funds. Then we can pay the performers closer to the going rate than currently. We are determined we will pay them as much as we can!

** only 3 left

*** 3 authors, at least 7 copies of the books left…

Crowd funding the alternative to Xmas pullover

So Longest Night is less than a month away, and the end of the crowd fund is only 5 days away. So we’ve done a t-shirt. That’s what you were secretly hoping for, now isn’t it?

longest nigh Tshirt design copyNow they are quite costly to produce, so to actually benefit the crowd fund we need to charge £20, but there will, unless we have a sudden rush of enthusiastic buyers be very, very rare! And obviously the more we can buy at one go, the cheaper they will be and the more money goes to the event.Oh, and you can only order them until 29th because otherwise we miss out on a special offer at the supplier and they cost Even More. It would make a lovely alternative the Christmas Pullover!

If this grabs you, you can get one by contributing to our crowd fund

If you’d like a cheaper T-shirt and would still like to support us we are selling the remaining few from last year at just £5…

SAYL model Tshirts