Celebration, not celebrity Outcome beyond LGBT History Month

It is the last day of LGBT History month, but if you think that means I’ll stop burbling on about Outcome, you are in for a disappointment.

Tom Dingley is off to the London Live studios to be interviewed for the evening news tomorrow, (1st March) you can catch him live on  Sky channel 117, Freeview 8.  Not clear of the time yet, but between 6 and 8.

And it will be podcast for at least a while after on their website.

Tom Dingley

Tom Dingley

Anyway, it got me thinking, about why LGBT History Month is February. I suppose, it is the month most associated with love, which is sweet, but it is also the SHORTEST! At least this year being a leaping one, there is an extra day to celebrate.

Which brings me back to Outcome. Celebrating the wonderful, diverse, ordinariness of LGBT people. There are a handful of people involved of whom you might have heard, Peter Tatchell for instance, but mostly we (yep, I’m in it) are known only to our friends and loved ones, and lovely though we all are, we are special only in that we are happy to be involved and have our faces plastered over walls all round London, and soon further afield, and, of course, to be in the book.

So, if you have been thinking,

oh, they won’t want me,

think again! Yes, we do want the bus driver, and the civil servant, and the council worker, and the nurse, and the vet, and the shop assistant and the teacher and the self-employed, and the craftsperson, and the tradesperson and the professional and the artist and the musician and ALL OF YOU, OK?

contact us via the form on the OUTCOME page

We won’t be stopping with the book, this is an ongoing project, and fun though it is, it has a serious side, providing role models for young LGBT people who are finding life a bit difficult, and essentially saying, look, we grew up, we came out, we’re here, we’re doing fine. Nothing to be scared of. So it’s about Celebration, not celebrity.

And if you can help in other ways, funding, studio space, exhibition space, please get in touch.