Human Rights Day 2019

Can’t let this go by without a little something.

Here are some videos of readings from our anthology, Liberty Tales.


Upcoming readings

Friday 20th October (Tomorrow!) at 7pm Anna Fodorova is reading part of her story Fruit of the Sea from Liberty Tales at London Writers’ Eclective at the Sun Tavern on Long Acre in Covent Garden. (FREE)




On Thursday 26th October at 4pm The Old Woman from Friuli by Ghillian Potts is being read by Good Wolf People at Ashburton Library Shirley Road, Croydon, CR9 7AL

and Good Wolf People are also performing The Old Woman From Friuli at Stanley Halls on Saturday 28th at 1pm (£3)

#Arachne5 at Archway With Words video

It has been a busy time, another set of videos I’ve only just had time to edit and post:

We took part in the Archway With Words Festival back in September, reading from a variety of books at Archway Library. (5 books, 5 authors, for our 5th anniversary…)

Carolyn Eden, Free White Towel, Liberty Tales

Cherry Potts, Mirror, Lovers’ Lies

Wendy Gill, A Little Favour, Shortest Day, Longest Night

Katy Darby, The Horror, the Horror, Stations

Liam Hogan, Crossroads, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed.

Live video uploads

We are still testing live video uploading ahead of DUSK. We have a YouTube channel, but we can’t upload live to it unless we have 100 subscribers. So it would help if you could get on over to YouTube and subscribe – we can’t even test without this. You will find lots of lovely video up already to amuse you. We have another channel specifically for Solstice Shorts which we’ve never really used, but we might need both so if you could subscribe to that too that would be great!

We can do Facebook but can’t do anything with the video once it’s there. We’ll be trying that again TOMORROW at Shoreham WordFest where we are reading from Liberty Tales, and singing a few protest songs.

Signed Arachne Books for our DUSK Crowd Fund


For the collectors amongst you – SIGNED books. limited numbers available, in some cases only ONE. Support our crowd fund for Dusk, the next Solstice Shorts Festival.


Pledge £10 or more for a Signed copy of The Old Woman from Friuli

copy of our children’s illustrated folk tale (illustrated by Ed Boxall) signed by the author, Ghillian Potts





Pledge £15 or more Signed copy of Devilskein & Dearlove

Young Adult fantasy novel Devilskein & Dearlove, (Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2015) with book-plate SIGNED by Alex Smith.
Sorry, We can’t ship to South Africa as D&D is published by someone else there.








Pledge £15 or more for a SIGNED copy of Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night, (you choose!) signed by as many of the authors as we’ve managed to catch up with, (there are only a couple of these left)



or a copy of Brat our new YA novel by Ghillian Potts, signed by the author.





Pledge £17 or more a Signed copy of an Epic Fantasy Novel

Signed Copy of Cherry Potts’ mammoth fantasy epic, The Dowry Blade. UK only, it’s a big book!








Pledge £30 or more for a Signed copy of OUTCOME

Our spectacular full colour photographic portraits by Tom Dingley, signed by him and as many of the subjects as we’ve happened to bump into. There is only ONE of these available.



In October we are off to the Shoreham Word Fest with a Liberty Tales/ Songs of Protest evening at the Yacht Club on Thursday 12th at 19.30 (£10) with Elinor Brooks, Greg Page and Carrie Cohen reading poetry and Carolyn Eden Cherry Potts  & Liam Hogan reading prose, and some of Vocal Chords singing. We will be teaching two very simple protest songs!

Tickets still available book NOW.


#Arachne5 freedom pass

Carolyn Eden reads at our #Arachne5 5th anniversary party, from her story Free White Towel, which is in Liberty Tales. Just audio for this one as the camera had packed up.

Here’s a picture of Carolyn reading it at another event.

catch Carolyn’s next gig


Live lit events coming up

Being busy people we can’t always arrange our own events as regularly as we might like, so we are very happy when we get asked to take part in other people’s.

Next Friday 22nd September 7pm Liam Hogan is reading from Happy ending Not Guaranteed at the launch of London Writers’ Eclective at Waterstones 11 Islington Green, N1 2XH









On Wednesday 27th September 18.15 we are at Archway with Words at Archway Library, Hamlyn House Highgate Hill N19 5PH where Liam is reading again, alongside Katy Darby, Cherry Potts, Carolyn Eden, and Wendy Gill

On Saturday 30th September we are at Free Verse Poetry Book Fair at Conway Hall where we will have a stall all day, and are reading in the Red Lion Square garden cafe at 4.30, with Jeremy Dixon, Lisa Kelly and Sarah James.Experience a flush of openness in San Francisco, a long day on a till, an even longer night in a hotel, and time shifting about the three occupants of a house.

In October we are off to the Shoreham Word Fest with a Liberty Tales/ Songs of Protest evening at the Yacht Club on Thursday 12th at 19.30 (£10) with Elinor Brooks, Greg Page and Carrie Cohen reading poetry and Cherry & Liam reading prose, and Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd and some of Vocal Chords singing. We will be teaching two very simple protest songs!

Followed on the Saturday Morning at 11am with a Children’s event in the Library, (Free) with The Old Woman From Friuli by Ghillian Potts being read by Tash Fairbanks, and a kind of demonstration of woodcut printing from Cherry Potts, because we couldn’t get hold of Ed Boxall, the illustrator of the book, to join us. No sharp objects will be let near children!

#Arachne5 Taking Liberties

More from the Arachne 5th Anniversary Party – Summer All Year Long singing songs of protest, Liberty, and Bread and Roses, followed by Carolyn Eden reading from Free White Towel, her story in Liberty Tales



About a Towel #Arachne5

As part of our Arachne 5th Anniversary celebrations, we’ve asked all of our authors to come up with a blog, that might have something to do with writing or anniversaries. Some of them responded! This one is from Carolyn Eden who we published in Liberty Tales.



One chilly afternoon a few years ago I found myself chatting to a chap in the local health club’s Jacuzzi.  I’d just completed a leisurely gym work-out, swum a few lengths of the heated pool and was contemplating either a visit to the steam room or the sauna or, indeed, both.  The Jacuzzi had always been my favourite place to “zone out” and often, lying there with my eyes closed and my body partially afloat, I would find that as my aches drifted away solutions to niggling problems would bubble into my brain.

“It’s great here, isn’t it?” I said to the young man wallowing next to me.

“Yup, freezing outside,” he replied.

Then the thought that inspired “Free White Towel” blasted into my brain.  “Give me,” I said, “ten good reasons why we should ever leave this building.”

I don’t remember what he replied and I certainly didn’t manage to think of ten reasons to leave because I rapidly became caught up in the idea that a leisure club was the ideal sanctuary; the bolt-hole I’d run to if there were a crisis of impending doom.

At a leisure club members can eat in the café, drink free water from the fountains, watch television screens as they pound the exercise machines, read newspapers or surf the internet in the lounge area, snooze on the loungers by the pools, sweat in the hot rooms, cool down in the showers where they can wash and preen using the complimentary toiletries.

Much of the idea was inspired by the story of the man who lived in the limbo of an airport and it wasn’t much of a leap for me to then get the idea that for a homeless person this place would be an improvement on the Spartan airport home, if they could blag their way in, or just afford the monthly fees (a good deal cheaper than the rent on a bedsit).  The lockers were big enough to contain a cabin-sized piece of luggage and relatively secure. And then, everywhere I went people were handing out freebies at stations, and I wondered could you keep yourself fed that way, provided you didn’t look destitute?

The clincher was the free white towel that all members were given as they entered the leisure club.  Cleanliness is the friend of normalcy.

And so my story “Free White Towel” was born in a whirlpool near Woking.  Pamela, my heroine, was able to run away from her abusive husband into this sanctuary of warmth and moistness.

The original was a long poem, read at the first Liberty Tales event back in June 2014 to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. Excited by the ideas still flowing I wanted to turn it into a much longer tale; a novel.  Pam was to be widowed and then the victim of a con-man, but my editor, the wonderful Cherry Potts, soon pared the story down to the essence of a vulnerable woman reinventing herself.  The novel may emerge eventually, as I am still fascinated by how someone can live without a home and still look respectable, without resorting to anything more criminal than liberating a left-over portion of muesli.

Come to the 5th anniversary party!