Sophie Aldred to read at Misty Moon Weird Lies Preview

In Ladywell, in Lewisham there is an old tavern… and behind that tavern is a coach house… and in that coach house is a gallery… with a bit of a fondness for horror movies, ghostly tales and the other things of weird ilk… so no surprise they are friends of Arachne Press, then.

Arachne Press will be reading one of the more bizarre stories from Lovers’ Lies and a couple of previews from Mosaic of Air and the very strange Weird Lies at Misty Moon Gallery, Ladywell Tavern SE13 7HS, on Sunday 9th June 6-9pm

We will be reading:

Content Management by Derek Ivan Webster (read by Sophie Aldred)

A Time and Place Unknown by Jason Jackson (read by Cliff Chapman)

ChronoCrisis 3000 by Andrew Lloyd-Jones (read by Ray Newe)

Zwo by Alan Graham (read byAlistair Lock)

The Bone Box  by Cherry Potts from her forthcoming collection Mosaic of Air (read by Cherry)

weird lies postcard vp copyposter adapted from Kevin Threlfall’s design for the Weird Lies cover.

How to Win at Scrabble and Life

Another recording from Tall Tales at the Tavern, this time Mike Burnside reads Clare Sandling‘s story from London Lies, How to Win at Scrabble and Life.

Competitive board games get out of hand… (language warning, not for the easily offended)

How to Win at Scrabble and Life by Clare Sandling read by Mike Burnside

© Clare Sandling and Arachne Press 2012

Readings coming soon

News from our Authors.

Joan Taylor-Rowan has several stories being performed in Central London TOMORROW

and Joan (again!), Rosalind Stopps, Cherry Potts, Clare Sandling, David Bausor and Bartle Sawbridge have stories being performed in Ladywell, South London on Thursday 7th June