Crowd funding – Invitation to a Launch

Pledge £100 or more here for Invitation to a launch and support our book tours and exhibition tour and new books which help us support new writers.

Invitation to the launch of our next books:

With Paper for Feet and Foraging,

Nightingale Room 10 Keats Grove NW3 2RP

23rd February


Crowd funding – friends

Pledge £100 or more and become an Arachne Friend

You get:
A special ‘friend’ badge, automatic invitation to all book launches, your name in the thank you list in the next book we publish (Happy ending NOT Guaranteed, April) after you join (unless you wish to be anonymous) and one free copy of that book. (Obviously if you aren’t in the UK, the launch invitation is of limited value, but you can nominate someone else to receive your invitation if you like)


You also get 10% off everything you buy from us for the life of the company but we are not allowed to make that offer via Kickstarter.

Help us get our books on tour, date in London, Oxford, Essex and beyond…

Pre-ordering Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air

mosaic glyphIt’s always nice to know your marketing works – how do we know? People buy things!

We’ve just had our third pre-order for Weird Lies and first for Mosaic of Air. Yes, it’s modest, but its a start.

So to get the message really clear: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT! You can preorder our September books NOW (at a reduced price) and you will receive them ahead of publication as soon as we have them, at the same time as the reviewers. (And if you know anyone who might review for us, please tell us.)

Of course, the absolute best marketing is word of mouth, so please tell your friends, family, colleagues, your bookshop, your library, your reading group, the person sitting next to you on the bus…

weird handsSomething else we’d like you to tell them is that there are only 28 hours left to back our Kickstarter campaign. I know, I keep on about it, but if we don’t get all the money we don’t get any, so a big thank you to Steven in the USA who is our star backer so far (most recent and most generous), and who has also just ordered a copy of each of the existing books and preordered both September titles: we don’t know who you are, but we like you! (Thank you also to Rebecca, Wendy, Heath, Clare, Doris, Kenneth, David, Stephen, Carrie, Gloria, Edel and Lyn, whose generous pledges mean an enormous amount to us.)

There are still some great rewards left, including a copy of Weird Lies Author Joshan Esfandiari Martin‘s short Film Test Driving on DVD or BlueRay, or a guided walk around the City of London for up to 12 people with award-winning blue badge guide, (and Arachne Author) David Mildon, or a HANDWRITTEN unique, one-off episode of ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’ from Weird Lies Author Jonathan Pinnock, featuring YOU (or a nominated other if you are thinking of it for a gift) as a named character. A guaranteed collectors item of the future. (If it wouldn’t mean giving money to myself I’d have that one… Ooh! if anyone is stuck for a birthday present for me…).

Obviously, not everyone is in the position to be promising us money, so if you feel passionately about what we are trying to do here at Arachne Press and want to help, check out our support us page, there are lots of things that will help us, including pre-ordering Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air. And don’t forget, you technical whizzes you can now get our books on Kindle and ePub devices from your prefered retailers.

Arachne Press to Headline at Southwark Arts Fair

A bit of a stop press.

Southwark Arts Forum are holding a fair at Hays Galleria  by the river and just off Tooley Street near London Bridge Station, on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July.

Last year's SAF market

Last year’s SAF market

There will be lots of stalls with local artists and crafts people selling their wares,  workshops (including for children) and a stage with an hourly turn round of acts, (Music, dancers, singers…) and on the Saturday, at 6pm Arachne Press authors/actors will perform 3 stories. Don’t know who or which stories yet as we’ve only just met with SAF, but watch this space!

And in other news, just under 48 hours left to contribute to our Weird Lies funding drive over on Kickstarter. If we don’t get all the money we don’t get any of it!  There are still some awesome rewards available, including, for the writers out there, detailed assessment of your work by Katy Darby (Novels) or Cherry Potts (Short Stories); there’s original art from Richard Smyth, and strictly for Londoners, there is cake (!) from the kitchen of Katy Darby. Anyone who has been to one of our caked up readings will know this is a prize beyond rubies.