Crowd funding – Invitation to a Launch

Pledge £100 or more here for Invitation to a launch and support our book tours and exhibition tour and new books which help us support new writers.

Invitation to the launch of our next books:

With Paper for Feet and Foraging,

Nightingale Room 10 Keats Grove NW3 2RP

23rd February


Crowd funding – friends

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You get:
A special ‘friend’ badge, automatic invitation to all book launches, your name in the thank you list in the next book we publish (Happy ending NOT Guaranteed, April) after you join (unless you wish to be anonymous) and one free copy of that book. (Obviously if you aren’t in the UK, the launch invitation is of limited value, but you can nominate someone else to receive your invitation if you like)


You also get 10% off everything you buy from us for the life of the company but we are not allowed to make that offer via Kickstarter.

Help us get our books on tour, date in London, Oxford, Essex and beyond…

Crowd funding rewards for Art lovers

Pledge £60 or more for a Kevin Threlfall print, and support our book tours, exhibition tour and new books, which help US support new writers.

One of three unique prints on canvas by our cover artist (Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet) Kevin Threlfall, printed especially for us. 60x40cm. UK only as postage costs would be prohibitive elsewhere. If you are outside the UK and really really keen get in touch and we’ll work something out!




Crowd fund rewards – Signed Booked

Support our crowdfund to take our books and exhibition out on tour, produce new books and support new writers

Latest Offer Signed copies of books: pledge here

liberty-tales-signed sdln-signed








Cotton Augustus II.106Pledge £15 or more Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night

A copy of either Liberty Tales or Shortest Day, Longest Night, (you choose!) signed by as many of the authors as I happen to see between now and the end of the tour(s)


arachne-paper-for-feet-v5Pledge £15 or more With Paper for Feet

A SIGNED copy of forthcoming poetry collection by Jennifer A McGowan- myth magic and folklore taken in unexpected directions and given new voice



9781909208360Pledge £15 or more Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed

A SIGNED copy of Liam Hogan’s forthcoming fantasy short story collection ‘Deliciously Twisted’ tales of the unexpected.



The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover finalPledge £18 or more The Dowry Blade

signed copy of Cherry Potts’ fantasy epic The Dowry Blade. UK only, it’s a big book



9781909208261 Pledge £30 or more Outcome book

A SIGNED copy of our photographic portrait book, Outcome, by Tom Dingley. 80 LGBT portraits.signed by many of the subjects at the launch Only One Copy!! UK only, it’s a heavy book.

Crowd Funding – Books

Kickstarter crowd fund here

Support our book and exhibition tour, new books and help US to support new and early career writers

2017-01-16-11-12-20Pledge £9 or more
Foraging Joy Howard’s forthcoming poetry collection, poems of nature, human nature, love, loss and humour


Pledge £10 or more back list Short Story Anthologies
One of Arachne Press’ short story anthologies – you can tell us which you would like.
London Lies (stories set in London), Lovers’ Lies (stories for romantic cynics), Weird Lies (Fantasy & SciFi – winner of the Sabotage2014 award for best anthology), Solstice Shorts: Sixteen Stories about Time (the winning stories from our Solstice Shorts Competition, plus stories from judges, Imogen Robertson, Robert Shearman, Alison Moore & Anita Sethi)

lies special offer



with paper for feetor
With Paper for Feet forthcoming poetry collection by Jennifer A McGowan- myth magic and folklore taken in unexpected directions and given new voice



Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed  Liam Hogan’s forthcoming fantasy short story collection ‘Deliciously Twisted’ tales of the unexpected.



Devilskeinfront final for bus cardPledge £12 or more
Devilskein & Dearlove* by Alex Smith (YA fantasy nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2015)




CPotts_MosaicofAir frontor
Mosaic of Air, Short stories by Cherry Potts




stations advance copiesor our best-selling anthology:
Stations – Short Stories inspired by the Overground Line.
*We can’t send D&D to South Africa because it is published there by a different company.


Pledge £15 or more

The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover finalCopy of Cherry Potts’ mammoth fantasy epic, The Dowry Blade.





Pledge £25 or more

tom-dingley-outcome-2Outcome book our photographic portrait book, by Tom Dingley.

80 LGBT portraits. UK only, it’s a heavy book

Crowd funding rewards for writers part 2

Pledge £50 or more to help us support new and early career writers with our book and exhibition tours and new books

Fiction Critique from Katy Darby

Katy Darby is co-editor of our Three Lies books and runs Live Lit event Liars’ League. She will give you a professional critique of your fiction at £50 for 5000 words – (Electronic delivery ONLY, please don’t send paper) so if you want her to critique something longer, pledge more times!

OPTION: personal face-to-face critique (30 min) in London for an extra £25 as an add-on: you can pledge more than the £50 through the site, just let us know that’s what you want.

(Katy will not be available to do this until mid/late August.)

Small gifts – Crowd funding

Support our Crowd Fund and help us get our books and Outcome Exhibition out on Tour.

Pledge £5 or more here:

Arachne Badge

We produce a limited run of badges for each of our books. they are 25mm across. We have at least 10 of each design left. They are hand cut so designs vary slightly. Take a look here and we’ll do our best to send you what you ask for.

finished badges

Solstice Shorts Supporter badge frozen sun black/ black&White/ clock

longestnight badges

longest night badges


London Lies badges - this year's must-have accessory

London Lies badges


Shortest Day Badges


Top line Devilskein & Dearlove badges 2nd Line Don’t Touch/ Other Side of Sleep x3/ Mosaic of Air 3rd line London Lies/Weird Lies/ Lovers’ Lies/ Stations bottom Line Story Sessions/longest night/ solstice shorts supporters

Crowdfund rewards for readers and collectors

That Crowdfund thing is going very s-l-o-w-l-y. So just to perk you up a bit I thought I’d give a glimpse of the signed copies of Shortest Day, Longest Night and Liberty Tales. There are only 3 of each available owing to my capacity to carry things anywhere, and needing to beard writers when I have the opportunity. I will be adding a couple more signatures at upcoming readings as there is one left for each book.


liberty-tales-signedOf course, we understand that not everyone can consider supporting us, but if we don’t hit the target, we don’t get any of the money that has already been offered, and that would leave us with difficulties in honouring commitments to pay expenses for writers and fees for actors for the book tours. This is inb effect our marketing, but the live events are just as important to us as the books – and there is no earthly reason why authors should travel at the ir own expense to give readings. So, if you really can’t help (as I can’t when asked by others) please share our Crowdfund with you friends and relations and colleagues, and encourage them to help!



Crowd fund reward for writers

Crowd funding… how I love it… not. It’s a slog and it’s very uncomfortable asking for money, but we have expenses we need to cover if we are to get all our books out in the fresh air and into your hands and onto your shelves, and generous though the Arts Council is, they like to see us find some of the money we need elsewhere.

So, here is something for the WRITERS amongst you.

Have your writing edited by us

Cherry Potts copyright Tom Dingley 2014

Cherry Potts copyright Tom Dingley 2014

Have your short story or 1st chapter of your novel professionally edited and critiqued by Arachne Press editor, Cherry Potts. Maximum 5000 words, sent electronically only.

Estimated delivery: Jun 2017

Limited reward (5 left of 5)

Pledge £100 or more here





Is it worth giving us your money?

Here’s some feedback from our tour date in Bath…

  • a really excellent variety of pieces, and wonderfully read
  • inspiring and entertaining
  • I shall look out for future events
  • a very enjoyable event
  • completely gripping
  • Brilliant reading by Nick Rawlinson
  • a break from reality – lovely
  • Bookish whirlwind of tales and poems that provide thought-provoking insight into the writers’ minds
  • Liked the stories in particular – Cherry’s especially loved the weirdness, strange and spooky!
  • Live Loud and Varied. an eclectic mix of poems and prose that veered from tragic to whimsical.
  • an excellent evening with an inspiring mix of poem and stories. Poignant, witty, intelligent work well supported by the incomparable Cherry Potts who does such crucial work in supporting and developing opportunities for writers.
  • A big Shout-out for Arachne Press!


Support our crowd fund – rewards

Yes, we are crowdfunding again.

So far we have raised £118 of our £1500 target. Thank you everyone who has contributed so far.

To whet your appetite here is one of the rewards available – suitable for groups of friends or family who like to make things.

Artist book/badge making workshop

A practical 2-3 hour workshop delivered in your home by Poet/artist Jeremy Dixon (Liberty Tales & The Other Side of Sleep).

Jeremy Dixon

Jeremy Dixon

You will learn to make: a one sheet book; a zig-zag book; a pamphlet-stitch book; and a stab-stitch book; plus your own 25mm pin-backed badges using found images or designing your own.

All materials will be provided and Jeremy can run the workshop for up to six people at a time, so invite your friends and family along to share a fun and enjoyable experience.
Available weekends to kitchen tables within easy reach of Cardiff and the M4 corridor (as far as London!)

badges book-making-2 book-making-1

Pledge £150 or more here  Limited reward (2 left of 2)

Estimated delivery:Apr 2017

We’ll use you money to (amongst other things) pay travel expenses for writers, and fees to actors for our book tour which turned out bigger than we expected!

Crowdfund finishes on 5th February.