#Arachne5 thank you Artists

Over the years (five of them!) we’ve published books (16 of them!) and that’s meant we’ve needed covers.

Some of them I’ve done myself either due to lack of funds or because I had a good idea and a photo that would work, others we’ve had competitions to find artists, and yet more we’ve gone back to artists we’ve worked with because we LOVE their designs. (Some we would like to have gone back to but they aren’t doing book covers any more.)

Mostly they are shy folk and don’t much show their faces, but we still want to give them all a thank you.

Thank you to:

Annie Rickard Straus (Lovers’ Lies)






Zoe Lee (The Other Side of Sleep)






Melina Traub (Mosaic of Air)






Gail Brodholt (Stations)






Lucy Reynolds (The Dowry Blade)






Karen Keogh (London Lies, Foraging)






Ed Boxall (Devilskein & Dearlove, The Old Woman from Friuli)






Kevin Thelfall (Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed)






Gordy Wright (Brat, and forthcoming: Spellbinder, Wolftalker and possibly A Gift of Rivers – no image yet only asked him this week)

Come to the PARTY on the 8th September.

Arachne Press Book Covers – see the original design

Karen Keogh whose print forms the cover for London Lies, and Gail Brodholt, who is responsible for the cover of forthcoming Stations, are both exhibiting at The Bankside Gallery until 30th September (near Tate Modern).

Karen’s City Skyscape II is part of the exhibition, so you can see what the original looks like without all those words on it.

If you wander up today, you can also take in the Thames Festival, where the wonderful Raise the Roof and many other singing friends will be singing with several hundred others at Sing for Water, at the Scoop at around 2pm, to raise money for WaterAid. This annual concert is simply stunning, and worth donating your spare change to, or rather more if you are so minded.

London Lies Cover!


City sky line 2 which will form the back ground for the cover of London Lies. copyright Karen Keogh