Sonnet in praise of the Overground

I was at an informal poetry evening last night, hosted by Arachne Author Bartle Sawbridge. In a local wine bar a substantial number of people turned up to read their own poems and much-loved poems by other people on the theme of Journeys.

Among the many excellent poems was this one, read by its author Dominic Elliot, who has kindly agreed to let me feature it here, knowing Arachne’s obsession with the Overground. (You don’t know we are obsessed with the Overground? You haven’t read Stations yet then?)

So thank you Dominic!

The Overground service arrives in Brockley in 2010

The station approach from Coulgate Street will soon be grassy,
Already coffee-barred, it’s gently sloped and strewn with bark,
A bosky renaissance, designed to soothe and not to nark,
To cool, and calm, and foster finer feelings – not the arsy.
It’s cheerio to Charing Cross, the Overground is ‘ere!
It’s ‘ello Dalston, gliding in a single air-conditioned carriage,
Of squeezing, and security, of customers the perfect marriage;
From Penge to ‘Oxton, toiletless convenience without peer!

Rejoice!  However wrong, on screen and speaker all is clear.
Welcome or not, we now have Information!  ‘Oo needs a porter,
With updates and apologies dinning deep into the ear?
Rejoice!  the Info Age has dawned – and Info’s plentiful as water,
What’s more, as long as you touch in and out, trains ain’t as dear.
Rejoice!  for journeys now are frequent, and they’re shorter.

© Dominic Elliot 2013