Dusk: Videos – Greenwich – all this

Math Jones reads John Richardson’s poem, all this

All about dusk, but not winter.

This poem and all the other unpublished poems and stories are in the forthcoming anthology Dusk.

You can preorder the print version, and buy the ebook, now!

Dusk Poet: John Richardson

John Richardson (who also publishes as Jay Arr) has written poetry for over forty years. He was a founder member of Poetry Swindon (previously BlueGate Poets) and since his retirement has organised and MC’d poetry events at Marlbrough and Bath literature festivals, given many workshops and readings. Three years ago he set up a one man publishing company, IMPpress that produced quarterly editions of a free, online, poetry e-zine. In addition he has published several pamphlets of his own work and has had modest successes in national and local poetry competitions. He is currently designing poetry websites, poetry support applications and writing the occasional poem inspired by travels to India & the far East, family, friends and everyday events.

John’s poem for Dusk, All This, will be performed at Greenwich at Dusk on the 21st December 2017 and published in the Dusk anthology on 21st June 2018