Time and Tide Videos: Peterhead

This is the whole of the event at Peterhead, magnificently edited together from three camera (Three!) by Colin Edwards.

As I get to it, I will edit into individual stories and poems so that they can be searched for, but in the meantime enjoy it as it was meant to be seen (and heard), with readings from Marka Rifat and Ken McRae, complete with music from Intuitive Music Aberdeen; featuring

A Conjuring Poem by Simon Whitfield
Clearance by Christine Ritchie
False Light by John Richardson
Frocks of Passage by Mandy Macdonald
Hawser by Sarah Tait
How Women Came to Tristan da Cunha by Claire Booker
In the Shadows, On the Shore, Leith by Jane Aldous
Ovčice, Croatia by Ian Macartney
Points of Interest by Olivia Dawson
The Watchers by Elizabeth Parker
When Will We See the Sea? by Joy Howard
Woman from North India on Bostadh Beach by Elinor Brooks

The Answer, My Friend… by Paul Foy
Listen, Mrs Noah by Roppotucha Greenberg
The Fisherman’s Wife by Linda McMullan


Solstice Shorts line up: Aberdeen


Friday 21 December 2018 • 12 noon
Blackwell’s University Bookshop • 99 High Street • ABERDEEN • AB24 3EN

Admission free

Moon Jellyfish
Poem by Ness Owen read by Marka Rifat

On the First Calculation of the Circumference of the Earth
Poem by Alison Gerhard read by Haworth Hodgkinson

Pocket Watch
Poem written and read by Catriona Yule

High Noon
Story written and read by Marka Rifat

Noon Talk
Poem by Graham Burchell read by Haworth Hodgkinson

Sun Beats over New Orleans
Poem by Natalie Gasper read by Catriona Yule

Arthur Streeton Advises his Students
Poem by Mandy Macdonald read by Marka Rifat

Mother Hand
Story by Karen Ankers read by Catriona Yule

Poem by Paul Foy read by Marka Rifat

An Autumn Noon
Poem by Ian Grosz read by Haworth Hodgkinson

I am not Beautiful at Noon
Poem by Elinor Brooks read by Catriona Yule

The poems and stories will be interspersed with intuitive music in response to the Solstice Mode from Dundee Ambient, Part 1: Winter Solstice by Haworth Hodgkinson, played by the ensemble Intuitive Music Aberdeen.



Marka Rifat
Catriona Yule
Haworth Hodgkinson


Mandy Macdonald (melodica)
Colin Edwards (bowed psaltery)
Haworth Hodgkinson (melodica, recorder, percussion and fixed media)


Dusk Performer: Haworth Hodgkinson

Haworth Hodgkinson is composer and improvising musician, as well as a poet, playwright, and performer of the spoken word. His work ranges from collaborations with other writers, musicians, dancers and visual artists, actors and storytellers, to solo performances combining words and sound.

His poetry and music are largely concerned with the changing seasons in the landscape of the North of Scotland, and the lives of the people who populate this landscape.

He traces his interest in intuitive and improvised music back to his student days in St Andrews, where he played with an improvising group and began incorporating intuitive techniques in his compositions.

His interest in improvisation was further stimulated in 2007 by a weekend workshop with Fred Frith at the Sound Festival in Aberdeen, and he has since played with Susanne Olbrich’s Strange Little Orchestra in Forres and Findhorn and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at the Sound Festival in 2008.

His poetry is published in two collections, A Weakness for Mermaids (2007) and Tractor Bastard (2012), and a wide range of his music can be heard on the High Moss label.

Haworth is reading stories and poems for Dusk in Ellon, and his music will be performed by Intuitive Music Aberdeen.


Dusk – A Wave of Words across the UK: Aberdeen

Our latest partner is:

Intuitive Music Aberdeen

(IMA) is an ensemble specialising in music created by the performers in response to text or graphic scores or unconventional notations. Its current members are Haworth Hodgkinson, Colin Edwards and Mandy Macdonald.

All three of us are active, published writers and musicians in a variety of musical genres.

Haworth‘s poetry and music are largely concerned with the changing seasons in the landscape of the North of Scotland, and the lives of the people who populate this landscape. His music can be heard on his own High Moss label; see in particular the Dundee Ambient series, two parts of which are inspired by the winter solstice. — Haworth ran the Wordfringe / New Words Festival in Aberdeen from 2006 to 2014.

Colin has a background in traditional music and song and long experience performing on the UK folk club circuit and in composing and arranging. He is active in community media development, running the production and technical aspects of the SHMU Wednesday Session, a live broadcast folk music show available to listeners worldwide via internet. For his collaborative composition work see https://soundcloud.com/bonnybluehare/sets/share-my-music-projects

Mandy is a mostly classical singer of long experience and a member of three choirs in Aberdeen and one in London, and a harpsichordist. Her poetry is recorded at https://soundcloud.com/user-700481362/grimes-graves-mandy-macdonald-haworth-hodgkinson and https://soundcloud.com/haworthhodgkinson/emerald-earrings/s-jmTvO