Short Stories written just for you

As part of our Solstice Shorts fundraising for Longest Night, author David Mathews is offering to write two stories specifically for the lucky people who offer us the requisite funds, and would make a perfect present! Written to order of course, so there will probably not be time for it to be a christmas (or solstice!) present, but if you have someone with a birthday coming up…

David says:

I’d be happy to write a hand-made story (subject to be negotiated) for someone who would like to give it as a present or similar. Up to 1000 words for,  a pledge of £100.
I would be willing to do you two. (Ts & Cs: I’d need two weeks notice, minimum. Customers print for themselves.)

I was thinking of writing to a topic or theme that the recipient reader is interested in. It could have their name in it, of course – the night Fred Bloggs jammed with Bob Marley or discovered the world’s most valuable stamp. As long as it’s a bit of fun/moving/affirming for the recipient and lets them know, more or less, that someone loves them.
It would need a chat on the phone, maybe a bit of research, a first draft and then bingo!
If someone shows interest and says could David …? You can get them to check with me.

If you like the idea of this, you can contribute to our crowd fund campaign here

Kevin Threlfall Prints for Longest Night Crowd Fund

Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover designs 3 v3 front onlyOne of the lovely things about running a tiny publishing house is that you get involved in all the decisions and every element of the process, including the covers, which leads on to getting to know, however slightly, a lot of artists and designers. One such artist is Kevin Threlfall, who did the cover for our award-winning anthology Weird Lies.

We also had a wonderful design for Mosaic of Air from Kevin, which ultimate we decided not to use, because we are hanging in to it for an as yet unfinished novel for which it will work even better.

Mosaic of Air-Kevin Threlfall-v2Kevin exhibited with us at our first ever Cover Artists’ show in September 2014, and kindly said that we could keep whatever did not sell, and use it however we saw fit.

How we saw fit is to offer the four remaining prints as rewards for thecrowd fund for  Solstice Shorts Festival 2015: Longest Night.

These are they:








As you can see, the blue bird print has already gone, (thank you Wendy!) but if you likethe look of them,the other three are available at £100 a piece plus postage, from our Indiegogo campaign page.

Each print is approximately 400mm wide by 500mm high and printed on canvas.