Video from Ilkley Fringe – on the write track

Peter Cooper & Louise Swingler read from Stations as part of their all singing all dancing event for Ilkley fringe. Thanks to Louise for overcoming the technical problem and getting them onto the site.

Ilkley Fringe

Arachne has authors scattered all over the globe, but there’s a little knot of them in Yorkshire. Of those, two wrote stories for the same Station for Stations. Out of this meagre fact came the wonder that was On the Write Track, a reading, singing, sliding razzmatazz of a show from Peter Cooper and Louise Swingler.

You can read all about it on Peter’s blog.

Hopefully we will have some pictures and video soon.

On the Write Track – Ilkley Fringe

on the write track flierIn the run up to Peter Cooper and Louise Swingler‘s all singing all dancing event at Ilkley Fringe Festival, On the Write Track, a little taster …

Events for October: Ilkley Fringe Festival

on the write track flierArachne Authors Louise Swingler and Peter Cooper are performing at Ilkley Fringe Festival on Tuesday 15th October at 9pm, in a train themed event they have devised called On the Write Track, cunningly entwining writing and trains, they will be reading from their Stations stories, and singing and talking about reading and writing on and about trains and stations.

Free Cake!

Here is a video interview from Louise which we did recently at Leeds Book Fair (hence the background noise).