Dusk: Video – Kelston – Magic Hour

From Kelston Roundhill near Bristol, some very atmospheric low-fi video (the high quality version lost on someone’s computer after downloading. In collaboration with Bare Bones Collective and Kelston Records, ICHI with Magic Hour for DUSK

BSL Interpretation Paul Mancini

Bare Bones Collective

Dusk Musician: ICHI

ICHI is a Bristol based experimental musician who takes the notion of one-man-band to new limits combining handmade instrument inventions with steel-drum, ping-pong balls & tape-loops. He comes with the following recommendations:

‘ICHI fits nicely in the time-honored tradition of zany Japanese music from artists as diverse and eclectic as Cornelius, Lullatone and Kahimi Karie. He is a welcome addition to the world of experimental music with a combination of childlike wonder, a wacky sense of humour and seemingly boundless creativity. Comparisons aside, ICHI is very much his own man, a highly original artist who creates his own strange and wonderful world of sound and fun. Warmly recommended.’ (Folkradio.co.uk)

‘What on earth is this? It`s brilliant’ STEVE LAMACQ
‘It’s a trip to listen to and watch’ DON LETTS
‘Hilarious & bonkers & brilliant’ LAUREN LAVERNE
‘It’s the kind of idiosyncrasy that cult fan-bases are built on’ VENUE MAGAZINE