Dusk: Video – Kelston – At Sky’s Edge

From Kelston Roundhill near Bristol, some very atmospheric low-fi video (the high quality version lost on someone’s computer after downloading). In collaboration with Bare Bones Collective and Kelston Records, Corinne Harragin reads At Sky’s Edge by Helen Slavin for DUSK.

BSL Interpretation Paul Mancini

The unpublished poems and stories from these events are in the forthcoming anthology Dusk.

You can buy the ebook only from us now! Print version not in shops until June 21st preorder from us now for pre-pub copies from beginning of May


Dusk Author: Helen Slavin

Helen Slavin was born in Lancashire and now lives in the West Country. She has written for tv and radio including The House of Eliott and EastEnders and now concentrates on fiction. She is the author of ten novels including ‘The Extra Large Medium’ and ‘Little Lies’. Her series ‘The Witch Ways’ is published by Ipso Books. Her chief writing fuel is a mug of tea. If you want to catch up with her you can find her on twitter @helenslavinbook. Bring cake.

Helen’s story for Dusk, Sky’s Edge, will be performed at Kelston Roundhill, at Dusk on the 21st December 2017 and published in the Dusk anthology on 21st June 2018