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NEW lottery_Logo_White RGBI can’t believe I forgot to put anything up on the website! I did a newsletter, put up the individual book pages, then got on with the work that results from good news! Anyway…

Trumpet Fanfare….!

After what turned out to be months of form-filling we have secured Arts Council Funding for this year’s Solstice Shorts Festival, and the next four books, including taking them on tour, and for four sessions of The Story Sessions (more later!).
We do have to raise some money ourselves – brace yourselves for more Crowd Funds – you can also help by becoming a FRIEND of Arachne.

The books we will be publishing:

Cotton Augustus II.106November: Liberty Tales

An anthology of stories and poems inspired by Magna Carta. Yes, we know, last year – but our Human Rights Act is once again being eyed for demolition, so when is freedom out of season?


Tour dates
Wednesday 7pm 16/11/2016 Brockley Deli The Story Sessions
Thursday 7.30 17/11/2016 Greenwich Launch West Greenwich Library
Friday 7.30 18/11/2016 Oxford Albion Beatnik
Wednesday 7pm 23/11/2016 Lewisham Library
Thursday 7pm 24/11/2016 Essex Greenstead Library Colchester
Thursday 7pm 01/12/2016 North London Housmans Bookshop


9781909208292December: Shortest Day, Longest Night

An anthology of stories and poems from the Solstice Shorts Festival for last year and this. (Writers – including Deaf writers – & Musicians the call out is open until 31st August)


Tour Dates:

Wednesday 5.30 & 7pm 21/12/2016 Greenwich Launch (Solstice Shorts Festival) West Greenwich Library & Made in Greenwich
Friday 7.30 06/01/2017 Oxford Albion Beatnik
Wednesday 7pm 11/01/2017 Lewisham Library
Sat 3pm 14/01/2017 Essex Wivenhoe library
Wednesday 7pm 18/01/2017 Brockley Deli story sessions


with paper for feet holding cover copy

holding cover

February: With Paper for Feet by Jennifer A McGowan

A collection of themed narrative poems exploring folk tales from several continents, Shakespeare and Troy.




Tour Dates:

Thursday 7pm 23/02/2017 London Launch Keats House Library
Friday 7.30 03/03/2017 Oxford Albion Beatnik
Wednesday 7pm 08/03/2017 Lewisham Library
Wednesday 7pm 15/03/2017 Brockley story sessions
Thursday 7.30 16/03/2017 Greenwich West Greenwich Library
Thursday 7.30 30/03/2017 Bradford on Avon Words and Ears
Sunday 8pm 30/4/17 Cheltenham Buzzwords

Happy Ending Not Guaranteed holding cover

Happy Ending Not Guaranteed holding cover

April: Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed by Liam Hogan

Witty, dark, deliciously twisted, fantasy shorts.


Tour dates:
Thursday 7pm 06/04/2017 London launch The Old Church, Stoke Newington
Wednesday 7pm 12/04/2017 Essex Basildon Library
Tuesday 7pm 25/04/2017 Lewisham Library
Wednesday 7.30 26/04/2017 Hoxton Burley Fisher bookshop
Friday 7.30 28/04/2017 Oxford Albion Beatnik
Thursday 8pm 04/05/2017 Greenwich West Greenwich Library
Wednesday 7pm 17/05/2017 Brockley story sessions
Weekend starting 02/06/2017 Stoke Newington Literary Festival – details won’t be confirmed until mid-October

We are also in discussion with Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea libraries for more dates for all of the books. Run a bookshop/library/ lit fest? Want us to come and read? Ask!




Solstice Shorts Festival Arts Council Funding confirmed

Phew! After a bit of a false start when one of the match funders went silent and we had to go back to the Arts Council with a revised budget, today, we got confirmation that the money is finding it way through the labyrinth of the banking system into our bank account. NOW I can really get my teeth into organising! Zipidee-doo-dah, Zippidee-ay! Calloo Callay! etc. etc.


Solstice Shorts Competition FAQs

Questions we have been asked, not always frequently, but perhaps in need of a response none the less!

IMG_8838Why is the competition only open to UK residents?

It’s the first time we’ve tried anything like this. We are tiny organisation (basically one person plus some occasional help) so we need to keep it simple this first time, and something we can cope with. Also, as part of the prize is to read your winning story AT the festival in Greenwich, this isn’t going to be a lot of use to people outside the UK. As with the judges recommendation prizes, which are also UK specific. Plus our funders for the Festival are UK only. We have fine and ambitious plans for future years, if this first festival goes well. including reading at sunrise in every Northern Hemisphere Time Zone with a land mass… (anyone who wants to help this particular fantasy to reality please get in touch!) and creating 15 minute folk operas…  It’s not because we don’t like you or something, just trying not to over-reach. We’re sorry to disappoint all those who don’t qualify.

IMG_8833Why isn’t the competition free?

The funding for the Festival requires ‘match funding’. This means that we have to find money from as many different sources as possible, to make the festival viable. Keeping the competition completely anonymous so that we don’t accidentally either favour or over compensate for favouring our existing authors means paying for software and temporary staff. And of course if you want your story judged by people of the calibre we have found, we have to pay them! Of the £5 we charge, we only get £3.75. It doesn’t  go far!

IMG_8830what are the prizes?

You get your story read at the festival. If you come and read it yourself, you get the reading fee and expenses. You get the opportunity to get involved in the workshops and show a potential employer what you are capable of in terms of teaching creative writing (If that’s your interest). You get published – and we pay royalties! And if you really impress the judges you get one of 5 additional prizes – 4 x membership of Spread the Word and 1 x membership of New Writing South. And every one of the 12 winners gets a stack of books and a silly trophy.

When are you announcing the winners?

Shortlist will be announced Friday 7/11/2014 and the winners will be announced at The Story Sessions on Wednesday 19/11/2014 (during Short Story week)

Solstice Shorts Festival is happening!

We’ve got our funding offer from The Arts Council, and we got our crowd funding, and several donations from private individuals, so we are just waiting to hear from our final match-funder.

We are working on the basis that they WILL fund us, or if they don’t, we will find the remaining money somehow, somewhere. So we are gearing up for the whole shebang, starting with the competition to find 12 NEW stories on the theme of time.

So WRITERS: starting tomorrow, Sunday 21st September (autumn equinox – we do love a theme) the competition is open. You can find the guidelines and the link to the submission platform on our Solstice Shorts Page. The competition CLOSES 31st October.

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