Books from Frances Gapper – Crowd fund rewards for Dusk

I keep saying how generous our authors are – they really are! With 4 days to go here’s another offer for you. Head over to our crowd fund to support the Solstice Shorts Festival 2017 (Dusk) to take advantage. There is only one of each of these.

Pledge £15 or more for a Signed copy of  ‘In The Wild Wood’

Arachne Author Frances Gapper is offering a signed copy of her new collection of short stories In the Wild Wood (Published by Cultured Llama)








Pledge £16 or more for a copy of  ‘Matchbook Stories 4’

Another offer from Frances: a copy of TINY collection of short stories Matchbook Stories 4 (Published by Ex Machina) which includes one by her. It isn’t quite as little as a matchbook, but not far off – Not signed as it is still sealled in its shrink wrap.

Longest night – the complete videos

It’s twelfth night, and the official end of the festive season, so as you pack up your Christmas baubles, here’s something to cheer you up: your opportunity to experience the entire evening of Longest Night, in the same order as the audience, but without me waffling on in between, and without the mulled cider, unless you happen to have some to hand of course.

Wassail Vocal Chords

A Little Favour by Wendy Gill Read by Annalie Wilson

Past Three a Clock Vocal Chords

At The Hotel De La Lune by Sarah James Read by all the actors

Naughty Baby Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Midwinter Wife by Cherry Potts Read by Annalie Wilson

Ba Ba Lamie Noo Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Life Between Lives by Sarah Evans Read by Patsy Prince

Solstice Carol Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
How We Know the Cold is Coming, or October by Abigail Beckel Read by Annalie Wilson

The Cold Time Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Mouse by David Mathews Read by Lorraine Spenceley

Dunstan Lullaby Vocal Chords

Spooning by Abigail Beckel Read by Annalie Wilson

Soulmate Annalie

Dancing To Silence by Neil Brosnan Read by Lorraine Spenceley

The Snow it Melts the Soonest Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

The Lover.s Ghost Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Vigil by Abigail Beckel Read by Lorraine Spenceley

Crossing the Bar Vocal Chords

Dunking For a New Sun by Bob Beagrie Read by Saul Reichlin

Drive the Cold Winter Away Vocal Chords

What He Doesn’t Know by Frances Gapper Read by Patsy Prince

Waves Annalie

Doubting Thomas by David McVey Read by Saul Reichlin

We Will Be Heard Annalie

Left of Earth, Right of Venus by Pauline Walker Read by Patsy Prince

The Astronaut Annalie

SHORT LIST ANNOUNCED for Solstice Shorts Festival Short Story Competition

Congratulations to the Solstice Shorts Festival shortlisted authors!

Winners will be announced live at The Story Sessions during short story week on 19th November.

Alex Bruty
Solstice Shorts Logo copyAndrew Gepp
Angela Graham
Bartle Sawbridge
Cindy George
David Mathews
David Turnbull
Deschaney Tate
Eamonn Griffin
Emma Timpany
Frances Gapper
Helen Morris
Jayne Pickering
Jodie Ashdown
Lada Bakanova
Max Dunbar
Paul Cohen
Pauline Walker
Peter Adkins
Pippa Gladhill
Rebecca J Payne
Rhiannon Jones
Rory McCarthy
Rosalind Stopps
Sarah Evans
Scott Lewis
Sheila Scott
Tannith Perry
Tim Bancroft
Wendy Gill
William Davidson