The Story Sessions – Video of Feminist Fables and Folk Tales

Here are some video snippets of last night’s Story Sessions, feminist folk tales for international women’s day. (Yes, I do know it was Saturday, I’m a woman ALL year…).

So here we go:

Cherry Potts reading from The Bone Box

Catherine Blackfeather reading from Sleeping Beauty and the Gnome

Anny Knight returning to join in with Flash from the Floor

Carrie Cohen reading in for Emily Cleaver (who was moving house so couldn’t come) with The Frog

and Jelena Ćurčić, reading from The Maiden who was Faster than a Horse

There was definitely a theme for the evening of clever girls outwitting people who thought they knew better.

(for reason’s known only to techies, this videos don’t always play in internet explorer – if you have problems, try Mozilla Firefox instead.)

The Story Sessions is taking a break for April. We’ll keep you posted when and where we are next, but we are lining up more themes: Science Fiction, Journeys, and Beasties. If you would like to read for us to any of those themes get in touch – it doesn’t have to be new work, just yours. Perfectly happy for you to promote a book or whatever.

If you are a venue and would like to host us, get in touch!

The Story Sessions photos from Feminist Fables & Folk Tales

So here’s the photos from last night’s belated celebration of INternational Women’s Day at the Ivy House

Jelena Curcic tells us about the Maiden who could outrun a Horse

Jelena Curcic tells us about the Maiden who could outrun a Horse

cherry folk tales2

Cherry Potts reveals what is in the Bone Box…

Carrie Cohen Flips thorugh Frog by Emily Cleaver

Carrie Cohen ‘Flips’ through Frog by Emily Cleaver

A flash fable from Anny Knight

A flash fable from Anny Knight

Cath Blackfeather gets to the point of Sleeping Beauty

Cath Blackfeather gets to the point of Sleeping Beauty

Happy international women’s day

How are you celebrating?
We’ll be at Wow this evening – in the audience I hasten to add.
But you can continue the festivities at The Story Sessions on Wednesday where we will be reading feminist fables and folk tales. Think Sisters Grimm. Join in with uniquely extended flash from the floor – a whole 200 words for your own folk tale. 7:45 for 8pm. At the Ivyhouse 40 Stuart Road London SE15 3BE

The Story Sessions: Feminist Fables and Folk Tales for International Women’s Day

jobno 1295732 Folk Tales flyerWednesday  12th March  Feminist Fables and Folk Tales: international women’s day tie in feminist retellings of folk tales, or new stories in the folk style. Sisters Grimm… featuring Cath Blackfeather’s take on Sleeping Beauty, Cherry PottsThe Bone Box, Emily Cleaver on The Frog, Jelena Ćurčić with a couple of Serbian folk tales.

Because folk tales tend to ramble, if you want to join in for Flash from the Floor, you can have a whole 200 words this month!

7.45 for 8pm, The Ivy House, Stuart Road, SE15 3BE

The Story Sessions is taking a break for April, but will be back in May, possibly at a new venue – watch this space.