Tymes goe by Turnes Crowd fund reward: Writing Critique


Support the Solstice Shorts Festival 2020, Tymes Goe By Turnes

Fiction Critique from Arachne Press Editor Cherry Potts

pledge £50 for an email critique of up to 500 words of fiction from Arachne Editor Cherry Potts.

If you want a longer piece critiqued, pledge appropriately. This will take a while to deliver as we will be working full tilt on the festival until it has happened.

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Writers’ crowdfund reward for Time and Tide

Crowdfund countdown: 6 days to go…

We know that a lot of the people who read our blog, follow our tweets, sign up to our newsletter or turn up to our events are writers – they may be published by us, or by someone else or they may not be published yet, but they are writers.

This one’s for you.

Get a critique of your fiction: up to 2000 words critiqued by Cherry Potts: author, editor, creative writing tutor and founder of Solstice Shorts Festival. (by email only) for £30 – if you want a longer piece critiqued, pay more! but £30 per 2000 words. Cherry doesn’t pull her punches, you’ll get an honest opinion. Some would say that’s worth rubis and gold dubloons and pearls and… wait a minute, who let that pirate in here?

(Picture above is from our advice-for-writers handmade-book, Allow Your Pen to Lead the Way, we’ve sold out of this on the crowd fund but you get the idea.)

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get your work critiqued, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Crowd funding rewards for writers part 2

Pledge £50 or more to help us support new and early career writers with our book and exhibition tours and new books

Fiction Critique from Katy Darby

Katy Darby is co-editor of our Three Lies books and runs Live Lit event Liars’ League. She will give you a professional critique of your fiction at £50 for 5000 words – (Electronic delivery ONLY, please don’t send paper) so if you want her to critique something longer, pledge more times!

OPTION: personal face-to-face critique (30 min) in London for an extra £25 as an add-on: you can pledge more than the £50 through the site, just let us know that’s what you want.

(Katy will not be available to do this until mid/late August.) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1477491501/beyond-solstice-shorts/