Crowd fund reward for writers

Crowd funding… how I love it… not. It’s a slog and it’s very uncomfortable asking for money, but we have expenses we need to cover if we are to get all our books out in the fresh air and into your hands and onto your shelves, and generous though the Arts Council is, they like to see us find some of the money we need elsewhere.

So, here is something for the WRITERS amongst you.

Have your writing edited by us

Cherry Potts copyright Tom Dingley 2014

Cherry Potts copyright Tom Dingley 2014

Have your short story or 1st chapter of your novel professionally edited and critiqued by Arachne Press editor, Cherry Potts. Maximum 5000 words, sent electronically only.

Estimated delivery: Jun 2017

Limited reward (5 left of 5)

Pledge £100 or more here





Is it worth giving us your money?

Here’s some feedback from our tour date in Bath…

  • a really excellent variety of pieces, and wonderfully read
  • inspiring and entertaining
  • I shall look out for future events
  • a very enjoyable event
  • completely gripping
  • Brilliant reading by Nick Rawlinson
  • a break from reality – lovely
  • Bookish whirlwind of tales and poems that provide thought-provoking insight into the writers’ minds
  • Liked the stories in particular – Cherry’s especially loved the weirdness, strange and spooky!
  • Live Loud and Varied. an eclectic mix of poems and prose that veered from tragic to whimsical.
  • an excellent evening with an inspiring mix of poem and stories. Poignant, witty, intelligent work well supported by the incomparable Cherry Potts who does such crucial work in supporting and developing opportunities for writers.
  • A big Shout-out for Arachne Press!


Professional edit of your 2000 word story/ novel extract

Another of our offers for crowd fund supporters – a professional edit from Arachne Press managing editor Cherry Potts. For £100 you will get thorough, honest, detailed feedback on up to 2000 words of short story or 2000 word novel extract. £200 a total bargain! Be grateful we aren’t offering you under-editor Julian’s services…

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