A Baker’s Dozen – a charity chapbook

Arachne Author David Mathews is producing a limited edition chapbook for charity – A Baker’s Dozen of 13 stories about and inspired by SCONES. If you would like a copy contact us and we’ll pass your details on to David. DEADLINE 8th February 2016

Message from David (edited from the original for length)

Last July our friend John was nearly killed in an accident on the Dorset coast. His rescue and initial treatment were down to the air ambulance service. Air ambulances are not state funded, and depend on donations and fund-raising. John is up and about, thanks also to brilliant health care in Plymouth and Yeovil, and, with his wife Lyn, is organising a fund-raising event for the Devon and the Dorset & Somerset services at Lopen in Somerset, the Lopen Sconathon. Record-breaking baking, eating, selling, and juggling of scones, as many as possible over 10 hours on 12 March.  Read about it here.

Jane and I will be running a modest cream tea event, with lots of scone baking, at our home in Dourgne for our local friends and friends of John and Lyn, linked to the main event by Skype, and we hope to contribute some Euros to the pile of Somerset gold.


The particular point of this message is that I am writing thirteen short stories on a scone theme – A Baker’s Dozen – to be sold as a chapbook in support of the event. I believe this to be a world first for a story collection, and it will include one item in a new genre, what I am calling psychocuisine, rather like psychogeography, only with flour, butter and sugar rather than city streets.


In the spirit of crowdfunding, if you were to order a copy (or several, think presents here) before 8 Feb for the standard price of £5, (a) you could have your name inside the back cover as a supporter, (b) I would be immensely heartened and (c) you would help fund a bigger print run.

Just remember, world first for a story collection.