Cover Designer Wanted for Arachne Press Books

First up, we can only pay a pittance.  Perhaps a royalty, the same as for the writers? If that turns you right off, let’s agree to part right here.

We’re looking for exciting cover designs for our first two books, London Lies, and (provisionally) Stations.

For London Lies I’d love to use a John Virtue London Landscape, but I doubt I can afford it, and it might be too bleak for the stories.  Another idea is a map of London with street names replaced by the authors and titles of the stories (would have to be an original map).

The one thing we really can’t do with Stations is use any of the trademarked and copyrighted fonts and symbols used by the Underground.

We want the books to appeal to Londoners and to visitors to London…

If you are interested in submitting a design, please contact us