Dusk Crowd Fund nearing its end

A little recap…

We have a lovely idea: A Wave of words across the UK, like a murmuration of starlings, at Dusk, on the shortest day of the year.

We have 12 sites: Ellon (near Aberdeen), Inverness, Carlisle, Lancaster, Rossendale, Anglesey, Birmingham, Nottingham, Greenwich, Bristol, Warkleigh (near Barnstaple), Redruth.

We have a few stories, a couple of songs, and lots of poems already (your deadline is just over a month away but we are getting twitchy, SUBMIT NOW!)

And not enough money. Our Crowd fund expired on the 3rd with out making its target so we shoved it back up with a revised (lower) target and shorter deadline, and will you look at that! almost there already, but we still need help! SPREAD THE WORD please!!!.

It would be magnificent to see people waking up to the cornucopia of delights we have on offer and helping us hit our target – unlikely, but magnificent.

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s on offer trundle over to Kickstarter to find out more, but hurry!  You only have until 3pm on Wednesday 18th October. (There’s more on offer, but not everything translates to visuals!)

Wintery tales wanted

Come on writers, you’ve got two days left to send in something wintery for The Story Sessions deadline 4th January. If you need some inspiration have a look at the videos from Solstice Shorts. Story or poem under 2000 words. Must be to theme.gate-burton-frost

We have a small budget for travel expenses so you can get to us to read on Wednesday 18th January 7pm, at The Brockley Deli 14a Brockley Cross SE4 1BE

We video/ audio record  the performances so that there is a (small) chance of world-wide reknown, not just the SE London crowd who turn up on the night, and its an opportunity to give your calling card to us as publishers. We have a resident actor to read for you if it’s too far for you to come, although we only do a maximum of 2 stories/poems that way.

Submit via Submittable


8 days left to send us your story or poem on LIBERTY

A timely reminder to get busy. I know people like to play dodge the deadline but you have until 23:59 on Monday 4th May to send us your work for possible inclusion in our Magna Carta celebration event Liberty Tales in June. keep it short, but SEND IT IN!

Witching Hour Approaches

Your final warning, as Hallowe’en settles into full darkness and all the little witches and ghoulies come prancing to your door in  the hope something unsuitable to eat…


Ok, you can go and answer the door now.


Final countdown for Short Story Competition

Sorry, blown off course by exciting news of Alex Smith’s Devilskein & Dearlove being nominated for a CARNEGIE AWARD. (Imagine me waving my arms about like Kermit and shrieking.) Anyway folks, you have JUST OVER 30 hours left to submit a story for Solstice Shorts Competition.

Stories on time, of which you don’t have much left. Tick Tock!


tickticktick into the final hours of the Solstice Shorts Crowd Fund

TWELVE AND A HALF hours to go. and thanks to 31 incredibly generous backers, and some equally generous supporters giving their time and skills for free, we are at £977.50 … we only need £22.50 to hit that target.

That would take:

12 liars badges

5 supporters badges

3 sets of Devilskein badges

2 T-shirts, or 2 signed copies of Devilskein & Dearlove, or Mosaic of Air, or 2 VIP invitations to the launch of The Other Side of Sleep.

1 read-aloud workshop, or 1 professional story edit, or 1 bespoke flash fiction, or 1 hand-lettered poem.

Of course you can have ALL of those and more, but only if you press the button before 23:59 tonight, any later and the coach turns back into a pumpkin.So be our fairy godmother, and we can all go to the ball!

Arthur Rackham Illustration from Cinderella

(Now there’s a story that hinges on time…)


Solstice Shorts Festival – Crowd Fund Countdown day -4

Almost half way there, and barely 4 days to go. I was feeling a bit down about this earlier today, and I was wondering, is this crowdfunding lark just a chimera, put about to tease people?

But it seems my gloom was unjustified, as we had two takers for Katy Darby’s read-your-work-aloud workshop in just over an hour. You were just all on holiday weren’t you!

Well, shiny new month, you are rested and full of that September zeal to do something new, interesting and purposeful – so how about backing our new, interesting and purposeful festival? So new, there’s never been one before.

Time is running out!

If every single person who is on our mailing list, or who follows us all the places people follow, backed us to the tune of a £2.50 badge, we’d be well over our target.

There’s been a huge lot of effort and goodwill on the part of the people contributing the rewards, and it would be a shame if you missed out. You have until Thursday 4th September at 23:59!

National Short Story Week competition only hours left

We’ve only had a very few 100 word stories proffered so far, so you have an excellent chance of being read and possibly winning, you have until 5pm GMT today. So those of you who need a deadline, you’ve got it. It’s just a bit of fun, so we aren’t expecting vast numbers, but have a go! Stand up for the short story!

The theme is November, and the length must be EXACTLY 100 words (be warned: MSWord word count counts things like hyphens as a word, we don’t.) You can have a title as extra provided it isn’t one of those that lasts a paragraph!

Voting will start as soon after 5pm as I can get the stories up on the site, and last til GMT on Sunday 17th November. Stories will be anonymous until the voting closes, when I will add writers names.

Pen, laptop or tablet at the ready? Go!