Cherry Potts talks about The Dowry Blade on Croydon Radio

Listen to Cherry Potts talking about The Dowry Blade on Croydon Radio with the lovely Gill Manly. From 1:15 in for about 10 minutes.

Solstice Shorts on the Radio and on the Street

Listen to Cherry Potts talking about Solstice Shorts 2015: Longest Night to Gill Manly on Croydon Radio : (our segment is from 1:11 to 1:26 approximately.)
As well as talking we’ve been getting wet on the streets of Greenwich delivering leaflets and posters to like-minded venues,2015-12-08 15.33.01


and putting up the banner outside the library.2015-12-08 15.02.04

Heading out to bookshops in the locality today, and the Albany tomorrow. We have a LOT of A4 posters, if anyone has somewhere to put one – a window on a main-ish street, a pub wall,  the noticeboard at work, community board at your local cafe… if you are close enough to Forest Hill to pick one up or for us to drop one (or more!) round, get in touch.


Cherry Potts talks about Liberty Tales at Croydon Radio

Here’s a podcast of Cherry talking about Liberty Tales on Glenn Lawrence’s show on Croydon Radio yesterday. It’s at 1:38:50ish after a section of War of the Worlds – what you can’t hear is me teasing Glenn  about the fact he played this the last time I was there…

Croydon Radio podcast

Hope to see you at West Greenwich Library at 7pm  on Thursday!

Cherry Potts talks about Solstice Shorts on Croydon Radio

Listen to the podcast of the interview. First item after the 4 minute long musical track at the beginning, Arachne Press’ owner Cherry Potts talks about the Solstice Shorts Festival (THIS SUNDAY!!) and Devilskein & Dearlove being nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Interview lasts about 20 minutes.

The Story Sessions and Devilskein & Dearlove on Croydon Radio

Pick & Mix ft Arachne Press – Glenn Lawrence

Talked my head off on the radio yesterday about all things Arachne Press: The Story Sessions, Alex Smith’s fabulous book, Devilskein & Dearlove, and Blackheath Community Opera for good measure (Why not? It’s taken me away from my desk a lot over the last month!) Thanks to Croydon Radio and Glenn Lawrence for letting me loose on their pick & mix show.

(A warning for the impatient, the first track lasts nearly 8 minutes!)

Listen up!

I will be on Croydon Radio on Monday 14th July at 1pm, talking to Glen Lawrence about The Story Sessions, and Devilskein & Dearlove. I might wander into Blackheath Community Opera’s production of The Adventures of Count Ory and even Vocal Chords Songs for the Sea, as performances are looming. Listen here live on Monday, or wait for the podcast!

Cherry Potts and Rosalind Stopps on Croydon Radio

Rosalind and I went for an outing to Croydon yesterday. Here is a link to our interview which starts about half way through the show – we read some sections of several stories and chat about why on earth I started a publishing venture in the first place! (Complete with building work in the adjoining room).

It was entertaining to be in an actual studio, and we got to choose the music. The mix of Siouxsie & the Banshees Overground, Johnny Cash Blue Train (Thanks to Adrian Gantlope for suggesting that one) and The O’Jays Love Train seemed to sum up the book magnificently.

Croydon Radio Interview tomorrow


Arachne Press Stations authors, Cherry Potts, Rosalind Stopps and Michael Trimmer are being interviewed on the Croydon Arts Show on Croydon Radio tomorrow at about 3pm. Tune in!