Crowd funding rewards for Textile lovers for Time and Tide

Pledge for this unique textile art, made by author, and Time and Tide organiser (Hastings), Joan Taylor-Rowan and support Time and Tide

UK only as postage costs would be prohibitive elsewhere. If you are outside the UK and really really keen get in touch and we’ll work something out!

textile image

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It’s gorgeous! And so on theme…

Head over to the crowdfund to find out more!

Crowd funding rewards for Art lovers for Time and Tide

Pledge for a Kevin Threlfall print, and support Time and Tide.

One of three unique prints on canvas by our cover artist (Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet, Erratics, Departures, Happy Ending Not Guaranteed) Kevin Threlfall, printed especially for us. 60x40cm. UK only as postage costs would be prohibitive elsewhere. If you are outside the UK and really really keen get in touch and we’ll work something out!









Head over to the crowdfund to find out more!

Be a mermaid queen at your next fancy dress party


Time and Tide Crowdfunding rewards still… with maritime theme!

We have a complete one-off for you: a shell-encrusted mermaid’s crown. Strictly for the dressing up box, or the fancy dress party, as it’s a bit fragile for everyday wear!

shell headdress

Made by author, and Time and Tide organiser (Hastings), Joan Taylor-Rowan, you can cut quite the dash in this. Adjustable for size!

Take a look at the crowdfund for more details…

There are matching sandals if your feet happen to be the right size!


Crowd funding rewards for Art lovers

Pledge £60 or more for a Kevin Threlfall print, and support our book tours, exhibition tour and new books, which help US support new writers.

One of three unique prints on canvas by our cover artist (Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet) Kevin Threlfall, printed especially for us. 60x40cm. UK only as postage costs would be prohibitive elsewhere. If you are outside the UK and really really keen get in touch and we’ll work something out!




Professional edit of your 2000 word story/ novel extract

Another of our offers for crowd fund supporters – a professional edit from Arachne Press managing editor Cherry Potts. For £100 you will get thorough, honest, detailed feedback on up to 2000 words of short story or 2000 word novel extract. £200 a total bargain! Be grateful we aren’t offering you under-editor Julian’s services…

Help us raise enough to run Solstice Shorts 2015, Longest Night by contributing to our crowd fund at Indiegogo.

Crowdfunding live for Solstice Shorts Festival 2015: Longest Night

Support Arachne Press’ festival, Solstice Shorts! This year’s theme is Longest Night, and we are crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise the money to pay actors to read the wonderful stories and poems by our featured authors and poets,  and musicians to sing suitably wintery and nocturnal songs. We need to raise £4000, but it will be absolutely worth it, and we have some brilliant perks, not all of which feature in this video…

Please help us to raise this money, and to promote the festival.

Please share these links everywhere! (the Crowdfund) (the festival page)

Thank you!


just under six hours to go to help us meet our crowd fund target

I know, I know. We are SO nearly there. Just £12.50 would do it. You get one of these badges

3 designstogether with whatever else you choose from our luscious list of rewards donated by our lovely friends. I’m only reminding you because I don’t want you slapping your forehead in the morning and shrieking about how you meant to, and you totally forgot.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it… click here…

Solstice Shorts Festival – why we are doing BSL interpretation

When planning a festival (she says like she does it regularly) there are some obvious things you need – somewhere to hold it, people to perform, marketing to make sure there’s an audience, that kind of thing. What is often ignored, forgotten or rejected as too expensive, is making the event properly accessible.

Solstice Shorts is going to be quite a small festival. It will last just under eight hours, and the rooms we are using (apart from West Greenwich Library) hold a maximum of 40 people (although we are using two!)

So having a significant part of the budget allocated to allowing Deaf people to enjoy and participate is quite challenging.

I first started thinking about accessibility for Deaf people when I was working for a council housing department back in the early 1980’s. I had a brief placement in housing benefits, and met a member of staff who was constantly on call interpreting sign language. it wasn’t her job, she just happened to come from a Deaf family, so she could do it. I signed up for a course immediately, but being young and flighty (and a long cold dark bus ride away from the course) dropped out.

I came back to it when I was studying Neurolingustic Programming, which relies heavily on metaphors based on the senses in use of language, and no one could tell me what the implication were if not all your senses were available to you. So I did a BSL (British Sign Language) level 1 course, and learnt a huge, huge amount about communication in general.

Level 1 is pretty unsophisticated but you can bumble through a conversation spelling words you don’t know the sign for, and making up approximations so you can be corrected (I well remember discussing apartheid with an amalgam of signs – black-white-separate – it served it’s purpose!). One of the useful tools I found for increasing and practicing my vocabulary was signed music. Channel 4 had a music programme that went out at about four in the morning and everything was signed. Popular music being a bit repetitive in its lyrics made sure I got the signs right eventually! Along the way I became beguiled by the beauty and expressiveness of sign language, and its power in story telling. Oh, and my elementary knowledge helped me get a job working with Deaf and disabled entrepreneurs (initially on the phone – Skype proved handy). I quickly found my signing wholly inadequate to the task, even after 1:1 coaching on business terms, but I had fun trying, and everyone was very patient with me.

So you could say it’s on my radar. It helps that I have contacts in BSL interpreting services, and that I have had protracted, wide-ranging discussions (through interpreters, life’s too short for me to make up everything and be told how to sign what I was trying to say) with a wide range of Deaf people about all sorts of things (depreciation, and what harmony is, for example!). So, for me, it goes without saying that Solstice Shorts will be signed: stories, workshops, and the music.

Only funding makes this possible. I’d love for every event we do to be signed, but that isn’t doable without outside funding.

If you want to support our efforts to make Solstice Shorts accessible, you can back our crowdfunding campaign.



First backer for our Weird Lies crowdfunding ALREADY!


That was quick!

We have our first backer, so Alex Smith‘s book and exploding flower have GONE! If you’ve had a chance to look yet and were mulling on the rarer items, you might need to be brisk!

thank you, first backer!!

Weird Lies Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign goes live

We thought we’d try something new and see if we can fund our next Liars’ League Anthology Weird Lies through crowd funding.


Final cover design for Weird Lies copyright Kevin Threlfall

If you’ve not heard of this before, it’s where lots of people band together to support a project with small(ish) amounts of money, in return for rewards, which in our case range from a thank you and one of our gorgeous badges, via (signed) copies of books (Cherry Potts, Katy Darby, Alex Smith), an exploding tea flower (also Alex, and no, I don’t know what it is either), a cake recipe that features in a story (Peng Shepherd), actual cake (Katy) and story critiques (Cherry & Katy), right through to a signed DVD of Joshan Esfandiari Martin‘s short film Test Driving, a personalised, handwritten Mrs Darcy vs the Aliens story from Jonathan Pinnock, original artwork from Richard Smyth and a guided tour of the City of London from David Mildon.

Our authors are pretty special and I would like to thank every one of those who offered a contribution again, publicly. You are WONDERFUL.

We have 30 days to raise the money, and if we don’t raise it all we don’t get ANY. So if you know anyone who might help us fund this project, PLEASE pass it on to them!

Weird Lies is a distillation of the weirdest ideas Liars’ League authors have come up with. I suppose the current term is ‘speculative’ although I don’t much like that – what fiction isn’t? When I was working out what order to set the stories out in the book, I was labelling, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Myth, Down Right Peculiar, trying to make sure I didn’t clump genres together: DRP came up quite a bit!

You can see our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter here