Video for crowdfunding DUSK


We got a more comprehensive video about our plans for DUSK and the crowdfund,

And… we are crowdfunding! taking Solstice Shorts Festival across the UK

Help us reach our funding target of £2000, (to match fund Arts Council application) to take Solstice Shorts live and online for Dusk on 21st December 2017. Live Stories, Poems and Songs from (at least) Inverness to (at least) Bath, and a live link-up.

Another of those almost-crazy ideas. A miniature 45 minute festival in as many places as possible starting in the north-east (where Dusk starts first) and finishing in the south-west (where it ends last.)

You can browse the rewards and the plans on Kickstarter. We have some really special offers this year, and our authors have really got involved, offering experiences and hand-made items and sage advice!

We’re Crowdfunding!

Help us raise our Arts Council match funding, to finish what we’ve started with Solstice Shorts and our first two books of this batch. We are out on Tour, doing two more books, and hosting the Story Sessions. If those are things you want to support, we’d LOVE you to help! Go to KICKSTARTER and explore what’s on offer

Update on Midsummer Night…

Keeping fingers firmly crossed for delicious weather, the banner is up and we only need to raise another £15 to be able to pay our performers, so if anyone would like to contribute to the crowd fund, the link is here. While I was looking for the link to copy, we hit our target! We could still do with more as we now have 2 more performers…

midsummer banner in situ2 midsummer banner in situWe have a late addition to the programme, Carolyn Eden (whose work we featured in Liberty Tales) has offered us an award-winning sketch based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Crown Versus Crown in which the dispute between Oberon & Titania reaches court, where arguments are put in doggerel. With very little persuasion we’ve roped in Cliff Chapman (another long-time collaborator) and Mike Eden to fill out our cast to sufficient numbers.

We are thinking about strawberries on the lawn… whatever the weather it will be a lot of fun.


Stretching the #Outcome Crowd Fund target

6 days to go and already we’ve reached our crowd fund target. Tom (our photographer) and I have had a conversation about what we can reasonably stretch to.

SO feeling rather cheeky, but we’ve costed out printing up and mounting A1 copies of 80  for the launch exhibition, many of which would be reused in the touring exhibition.

Shockingly wide variation depending on how we approach it, but we are confident we can do it to the quality we need for £840.

Rather than just sit back we would like go all out to see if we can reach this additional target in the next 6 days!

If you would like to help us reach this further target the crowdfund is here.

Lots of treats available.

Exhibiting Outcome at Student Pride (A2)
Exhibiting Outcome at Student Pride (A2)

Outcome Kickstarter crowdfund live

Want to help create a little bit of LGBT history?

We are fundraising for the money to produce our first photographic book, Outcome.


If you would like to help, go to our Kickstarter campaign and pledge us some money.

If you haven’t any money, but you have a studio space we can use, an exhibition space we can exhibit in, or you are LGBT yourself and would like to be involved in the project, that all helps too.

The most immediately obvious thing is to pre-order a copy of the book, you can ONLY do this via the crowd fund, as, if we don’t raise the money we can’t do the book, and that’s that.

However we are also offering photo shoots with photographer Tom Dingley, signed copies of Tom’s brilliant shot of Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell

invitations to the launch, and an array of Arachne Press’ other titles. We hope to have other options available soon to entice you. The crowd fund ends on March 17th.




This is the last you’ll hear about Crowd Funding from me, unless you are waiting for your T-shirt, books, or badge to arrive in which case we’ll keep you posted.

We got to our target.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all our backers:

Rebecca (both of them!)

and a big BIG thank you to everyone who offered their time, skills, and talent to create the rewards especially

Cherry Potts for T-shirt and badge designs
Katy Darby for the read-it-aloud workshop
Inua Elams for the digital portrait
Jennifer A McGowan for offering to hand letter a poem

So – just the hurdle of the Arts Council funding to get over then. We should hear about that around the 17th September, in nice time to announce it at the next Story Sessions, though if we hear sooner we are unlikely to be able to keep quiet.

just under six hours to go to help us meet our crowd fund target

I know, I know. We are SO nearly there. Just £12.50 would do it. You get one of these badges

3 designstogether with whatever else you choose from our luscious list of rewards donated by our lovely friends. I’m only reminding you because I don’t want you slapping your forehead in the morning and shrieking about how you meant to, and you totally forgot.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it… click here…

tickticktick into the final hours of the Solstice Shorts Crowd Fund

TWELVE AND A HALF hours to go. and thanks to 31 incredibly generous backers, and some equally generous supporters giving their time and skills for free, we are at £977.50 … we only need £22.50 to hit that target.

That would take:

12 liars badges

5 supporters badges

3 sets of Devilskein badges

2 T-shirts, or 2 signed copies of Devilskein & Dearlove, or Mosaic of Air, or 2 VIP invitations to the launch of The Other Side of Sleep.

1 read-aloud workshop, or 1 professional story edit, or 1 bespoke flash fiction, or 1 hand-lettered poem.

Of course you can have ALL of those and more, but only if you press the button before 23:59 tonight, any later and the coach turns back into a pumpkin.So be our fairy godmother, and we can all go to the ball!

Arthur Rackham Illustration from Cinderella

(Now there’s a story that hinges on time…)


Solstice Shorts Crowd Fund Day minus 3 and counting

Only 3 days to go. 20 backers so far (Thank you!!), and 48% of our target. Actually we’ve had a couple of off-line contributions which take it up to 53%. So can we achieve the remaining 47% in only 3 days? Not without your help. Please share far and wide!

Anyway, just thought I’d mention (again) that there isn’t long to bag something amazing donated by our terrific writers and supporters. What will take your fancy?

Digital Portrait? hand-lettered poem? reading aloud workshop?

Limited edition supporter’s T-shirt? Supporter’s badge?

VIP invitation to a book launch? Your short story edited? signed books?

Original and unique flash fiction starring you as the hero? Posters? book badges?

And then of course the real reward (provided other funders come up with the goods), a fantastic one day festival showcasing new short fiction, amazing writers, and fabulous folk from local musicians.