final reward added to Solstice Shorts Crowdfund

This one is to make Mandy Macdonald laugh, if she remembers a conversation earlier in the year.

It is a little known fact that one of the reasons that Arachne Press is called ‘Arachne’ is because editor in Chief and owner Cherry (that’s me) is a spinner and weaver. Not about to challenge Athene to a weave-off however!

So on the theme of textiles, the final reward on offer for our Crowd fund (finishing 4pm on TUESDAY – thats only 48 hours left!)

For £40 or more, a hand-stitched designed-to-your-preference (up to a point, limited by my skill!) book/mini-ipad/kindle pouch, or something of similar dimensions. (this stuff is erroneously known as tapestry, it really isn’t, I’ve made real woven tapestries, MUCH harder. This is tent stitch.) There is only ONE on offer.

My designs tend towards the geometric, but not necessarily symmetric, and will be limited to the colour palette shown on the left! previous design below to give you an idea. This takes a while as I only do it when also watching TV, so if you want it for someone’s birthday, allow a few months!


crowd fund reward: original artwork

SIX days to go:

This is an original limited edition black & white lino print of the art work by Ed Boxall for The Old Woman from Friuli.

image size approx 200x270mm on much larger sheet high quality paper.

yours for £60!

head over to our crowdfund to get it. we only have one!


Crowd fund Reward Noon T Shirt

Crowd funding. I kind of hate it. Asking people for money goes against the grain.  Having to keep on about it so people don’t forget. It is painful. Seven Days to go now.

Plug. Plug. Plug.

Be that as it may, here I go again, with something that you can wear.

Pledge £20 or more

Noon T-shirt

Black T-shirt with our Noon design. Sizes tend to come up a bit small consider ordering a size larger than you would usually.

Available in sizes S to XXL

Crowd fund reward: Badges


You know we make badges to go with our books?







You usually get one free if you buy a book at an event.




We use them as crowd fund rewards too. You could get one from our current crowd fund to support the next Solstice Shorts Festival: Noon. Just a thought. Eight Days to Go




Here’s what’s on offer right now. We might make some more new ones.








Crowd fund reward: Cake

Nine days to go…This is strictly for people within easy reach of South London.

A cake baked for you by Arachne Press baker in chief, Cherry Potts. Delivered personally or you can collect.

Here are some past launch and celebration cakes. They aren’t generally very glamorous but they taste good!

Cake can be dairy (but not egg) free (I’m not that skilled), and/or gluten-free (my gluten free cake is chocolate swiss roll). This is a one-off. Book your cake from our crowd fund

Lop-sided Liars’ Cake

Gingerbread cottage meeting its fate copyright Russell Potts

Handmade book – Crowd fund reward

This is a quirky one.Support our crowd fund to support Solstice Shorts Noon receive…


Poet and maker of hand-made books, Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press)  made us a handmade 20 page (Incl cover) A5 notebook, into which many of our writers wrote their top writing tip or exercise. Handwritten, scanned and then printed by Jeremy in his own inimitable fashion. Classy, useful and unique!

 There ARE only  6

Never be intimidated by a blank page again – we’ll have scrawled on it already! £20

…in a very tactile cover.

Bespoke short story – crowd fund reward

Pledge £60 or more in our crowd fund to raise cash for Noon and receive a bespoke story from David Mathews


Here’s the deal – commission David to write something tailored for a friend or a loved one for, say, a Christmas pressie? 1000 words. David needs three weeks’ notice. One week to write and two to edit, with your input if you want it. Printed and Bound. Copyright stays with David, but you can distribute widely.
David has been published by us several times, and was one of the winners of the 1st Solstice Shorts competition, with his brilliantly funny Wednesday Afternoons.

There is only 1 of these on offer, get it while it is still available!

This was a popular reward last year!

Dusk Crowd Fund – get your wellies on

Another delightful reward on offer in our crowd fund, suitable for people in the Bath area: Join one of our authors on her allotment in Bath for tea and gluten-free brownies, a chat and an allotment tour.

Up to 6 people, not necessarily all at once. Pledge for this reward here and help us put Solstice Shorts DUSK on.

This is (partly) why I spend all day everyday working at Arachne – because all our writers are such lovely people.


Crowd fund reward particularly for writers

This is a quirky one. Support our crowd fund to receive…


Poet and maker of hand-made books, Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press) is making us a handmade 20 page (Incl cover) A5 notebook, into which many of our writers with be writing their top writing tip or exercise. As they are all round the world, these will be handwritten, scanned and then printed by Jeremy in his own inimitable fashion. This will be classy, useful and unique!

 There will only be 20. 2 have been bagsied already.

Never be intimidated by a blank page again – we’ll have scrawled on it already! £20

so something a bit like this…






starting out a bit like this…

Make an Artist’s book with Jeremy Dixon

Yes, we are crowdfunding.

We have raised £157 of our £2000 target. Thank you everyone who has contributed so far.

To whet your appetite here is one of the rewards available – suitable for groups of friends or family who like to make things.

Artist book making workshop

Pledge £120 or more

Book Making Workshop

A practical 3 hour workshop delivered in your home by Poet/artist Jeremy Dixon (Liberty Tales & The Other Side of Sleep). You will learn to make: a one sheet book; a zig-zag book; a pamphlet-stitch book; and a stab-stitch book. All materials will be provided and Jeremy can run the workshop for up to eight people at a time. Why not invite your writing group, friends and family along to share a fun and enjoyable experience.
Available Wednesday or weekends within a two-hour drive from Cardiff or along the M4 corridor (as far as London).
Email any questions to Jeremy at jh_dixon(at)hotmail(dot)com, or visit to see examples of his work.

Jeremy Dixon

Jeremy Dixon

book-making-2 book-making-1

Limited offer – only one workshop is on offer, grab it fast. Crowdfund finishes on 2nd October