#Outcome FUNDED full £2500! & several CF days still to go

We’ve hit our Crowd Fund target!

In fact we are slightly over. And we are getting lots of responses to our call out for more women, so looks like we’ll hit that target too. We are on a roll. Watch this space for more news as we gear up for publication, and well… stuff… a bit overwhelmed with excitement just now.


You can still contribute for the next few days on kickstarter


Outcome Kickstarter crowdfund live

Want to help create a little bit of LGBT history?

We are fundraising for the money to produce our first photographic book, Outcome.


If you would like to help, go to our Kickstarter campaign and pledge us some money.

If you haven’t any money, but you have a studio space we can use, an exhibition space we can exhibit in, or you are LGBT yourself and would like to be involved in the project, that all helps too.

The most immediately obvious thing is to pre-order a copy of the book, you can ONLY do this via the crowd fund, as, if we don’t raise the money we can’t do the book, and that’s that.

However we are also offering photo shoots with photographer Tom Dingley, signed copies of Tom’s brilliant shot of Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell

invitations to the launch, and an array of Arachne Press’ other titles. We hope to have other options available soon to entice you. The crowd fund ends on March 17th.



Support Solstice Shorts – come to a folk song workshop!

Technically this is part of Solstice Shorts. We are running a workshop on Saturday 28th November, and profits will go to help pay for the main event on 21st December, so the more the merrier – we have room for another 10 people.

Come and learn secular songs for winter from Lester Simpson, one of the loveliest people we know, and a damn fine singer, song writer and arranger of traditional songs. Oh and he teaches incredibly well: fun, relaxed, intensive. 25 pounds (my keyboard has gone American for the day, I can’t find the pound sign). Book here or through our crowd fund campaign. We provide lots of refreshments!

Likely repertoire: about 5 songs from the following

The White Shepherd
The Solstice Carol
George Dunn’s Wassail
Bring Him On
The Coppers Christmas Song
Green growth The Holly
Winter is i cummen inn (round)

Yes I know, I thought secular would mean no Christmas, but actually in this context just no religion. Great songs, 3 or 4 part harmony, learnt by ear. no previous experience necessary, suits all abilities.

Bespoke flash short story greeting cards

We try to be imaginative with our crowd fund rewards. Here’s an idea: Cherry has been creating ridiculous cards for friends for years made from found images and single sentence or flash stories; and for a while sold them. You can have your (or a friend’s) name(s) inserted into the silliness that is a ‘daft dyke’ card. Lots to choose from, which will be printed individually for you for a paltry fiver.


you can find more information here.

What are we crowd funding for? Solstice Shorts 2015, Longest Night, of course!

You can order your card(s) here.

Kevin Threlfall Prints for Longest Night Crowd Fund

Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover designs 3 v3 front onlyOne of the lovely things about running a tiny publishing house is that you get involved in all the decisions and every element of the process, including the covers, which leads on to getting to know, however slightly, a lot of artists and designers. One such artist is Kevin Threlfall, who did the cover for our award-winning anthology Weird Lies.

We also had a wonderful design for Mosaic of Air from Kevin, which ultimate we decided not to use, because we are hanging in to it for an as yet unfinished novel for which it will work even better.

Mosaic of Air-Kevin Threlfall-v2Kevin exhibited with us at our first ever Cover Artists’ show in September 2014, and kindly said that we could keep whatever did not sell, and use it however we saw fit.

How we saw fit is to offer the four remaining prints as rewards for thecrowd fund for  Solstice Shorts Festival 2015: Longest Night.

These are they:








As you can see, the blue bird print has already gone, (thank you Wendy!) but if you likethe look of them,the other three are available at £100 a piece plus postage, from our Indiegogo campaign page.

Each print is approximately 400mm wide by 500mm high and printed on canvas.

Crowdfunding live for Solstice Shorts Festival 2015: Longest Night

Support Arachne Press’ festival, Solstice Shorts! This year’s theme is Longest Night, and we are crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise the money to pay actors to read the wonderful stories and poems by our featured authors and poets,  and musicians to sing suitably wintery and nocturnal songs. We need to raise £4000, but it will be absolutely worth it, and we have some brilliant perks, not all of which feature in this video…

Please help us to raise this money, and to promote the festival.

Please share these links everywhere!

http://igg.me/at/LongestNight/x/12681 (the Crowdfund)

https://arachnepress.com/solstice-shorts/longest-night-solstice-shorts-festival-2015/ (the festival page)

Thank you!