Time and Tide stories: first lines

Continuing the dip into the detail of Time and tide – more first lines, this time from the Stories:
Elizabeth Hopkinson, A Madras Crossing: I thought the worst of the voyage was over when we weighed anchor off the coast of Madras.
Diana Powell, Ballast: Let me speak to you about the sea… how I always loved it.
Diana Powell, Sea Change, There are voices here.
Cathy Lennon, Casting The Stones: The party went out of the garden gate and set off along the duckboards.
Neil Lawrence, Diaspora: The man with huge whiskers is talking loudly.
Juliet Humphreys, Fisherfolk: In Quay Street, when a woman begins to moan with the coming of a child, word goes out.
Holly Magee, Granmama’s Paradise: When I was little, I slurred my syllables together.
Linda McMullen, The Fisherman’s Wife: When I met my husband, he was a modest clerk at a promising company.
Eoghan Hughes, Herr Dressler: I had left the Alma at closing time and was stumbling along the breakwater the first night I saw the light at sea.
Pauline Walker, Hingland: Constance was only just beginning to enjoy the voyage.
Roppotucha Greenberg, Listen, Noah’s Wife: He’ll install a foghorn to sound every night.
Emily Bullock, Man Overboard: All dreams of death can be forgotten on waking, except when under that final sleep from which there is no waking and only a long forgetting.
CB Droege, Metharme: I stand at the prow of the ship, one more in a long, long line of ships.
Kilmeny Macmichael, Remittance: Sir inform have not received expected amount this first of month reason
Barbara Renel, The Professor’s Daughter: Her dad locks the booth and gives her the key.
Paul Foy, The Answer, My Friend: It might be that the day takes you down to the beach with your book and wraparound sunglasses, your Beats and that blast-from-the-past playlist that you made when you realised that loss is all about finding again.
Rob Walton, The Dowager Duchess Of Berwick-Upon-Tweed: She hated the Dowager bit, and she no longer particularly cared for the Duchess part, but she had not yet decided what to do about any of it.
Maria Kyle, The Surgeon’s Mate: ’Tis no easy matter to cut off a man’s leg.
Cindy George, The Wreck Of The Kyllikki: Sea coal just washes up on the beach and no one knows where it comes from.
Sheila Lockhart, Turquoise: Every morning after breakfast Ibrahim walked down to the perimeter fence to look at the sea.

There’s some tasty morsels there to bait our hook with! Please support our crowdfund! 48 hours left


crowdfunding – tell us what you want!

We are exactly half way through our crowd fund, but have only hit 25% or the target AAAARGGHH!

If there’s something (no rude suggestions ta) that you’d like to see in the rewards that’s within our capacity to provide, tell us what is missing. I’m just about to add some music from previous collaborators in Solstice Shorts, and an invitation to the launch of the forthcoming book in March 2019 in London.

Don’t hang about folks. there are only 7 days left to raise the money.

I’ll even consider baking a second cake. (She says, looking a the time.)


Dusk, an update – singing and the fringe!

An exciting ( and frustrating) thing that is happening is that people who hadn’t noticed  until recently what we are up to, have been in touch saying ‘we’d love to get involved and have something in our area’ (Saltburn and Folkstone so far) and we just CAN’T raise enough money for them as well in the time. So we are suggesting they do their own thing and we will support them by including their events in our marketing, but nothing more. Wouldn’t it be great though, if we could raise more, and include them properly?

We may have hit our crowd fund target but we aren’t resting on our laurels, there are 10 days to go yet, and plenty of rewards…

We are going to continue adding rewards to tempt people to join in, the more money we raise the more we can pay the writers, who really don’t do well out of live events despite the fact the events can’t happen without their writing. I’ve had a look at the Writers Guild guidelines and we are now aiming at a minimum royalty for performance of £60. I don’t think we’ll get there but we can try.

Most recent reward added is the singing workshop with Val Regan on 25th November in SE London. Obviously every ticket sold for this will support Dusk, as all the profit we make on it will go towards funding the festival, so really, adding it as a reward is just a way of publicising it. You can get your ticket here, and if you want to buy one at a more supportive price go to our crowd fund where you can pay much more than the ticket price, if you feel inclined to do so


Make an Artist’s book with Jeremy Dixon

Yes, we are crowdfunding.

We have raised £157 of our £2000 target. Thank you everyone who has contributed so far.

To whet your appetite here is one of the rewards available – suitable for groups of friends or family who like to make things.

Artist book making workshop

Pledge £120 or more

Book Making Workshop

A practical 3 hour workshop delivered in your home by Poet/artist Jeremy Dixon (Liberty Tales & The Other Side of Sleep). You will learn to make: a one sheet book; a zig-zag book; a pamphlet-stitch book; and a stab-stitch book. All materials will be provided and Jeremy can run the workshop for up to eight people at a time. Why not invite your writing group, friends and family along to share a fun and enjoyable experience.
Available Wednesday or weekends within a two-hour drive from Cardiff or along the M4 corridor (as far as London).
Email any questions to Jeremy at jh_dixon(at)hotmail(dot)com, or visit http://www.hazardpress.co.uk to see examples of his work.

Jeremy Dixon

Jeremy Dixon

book-making-2 book-making-1

Limited offer – only one workshop is on offer, grab it fast. Crowdfund finishes on 2nd October


Dusk: A Wave of words across the UK: Nottingham

Our Nottingham partners for DUSK, The fourth Solstice Shorts Festival, are Nottingham Writers’ Studio, a membership organisation for professional writers. They offer space, networking, and creative and professional development opportunities for writers in the Nottinghamshire area. They are hosting and providing the venue at their centre, and will be promoting the call out to the writers they know (in the 200’s)

Nottingham Writers' Studio








The Writers’ Studio have lots of experience organising events: they run a year-long programme of courses and workshops, book launches, away-days and external hire events, and also participate in city-wide events such as Light Night, Festival of Literature, Poetry Festival, Being Human, States of Independence and Lowdham Book Festival.


Foraging has arrived

I do love the arrival of boxes of advance copies of book, and they are coming thick and fast this month. Last week, With Paper For Feet, this week Foraging, by Joy Howard! We’ve already had our first order through for WPFF, so I’m curious how quickly we’ll get one for Foraging. (Unsubtle hint).

You can support both these books by buying them (obviously) or reviewing them (I’ll be in touch if you are on my list), if you aren’t, Netgalley have electronic copies available until February. You can also support these books through our crowd fund, which will pay for transport expenses to get out on tour, and postcards & posters to publicise the tour, amongst other things.



We’ve raised (after fees) £2884 for Outcome, which should cover our printing costs for both the book and the launch exhibition.

You can see what it will look like here
We are inviting everyone who helped to show their colours:

I backed Outcome copy so if you see this on someone’s email signature or website, you’ll know they are friendly helpful kind generous people!

And everyone who is IN the book we are asking to also show their colours:

I'm In Outcome copy

You can preorder the book here

Nearly there on Outcome crowdfund on Kickstarter

Thanks to our backers so far

Alicia, Bea, Cathy, Chantelle, Chris, Dan, Darren, Edward, Elaine, Ewan, Gaynor, Harrie, Isaac, Jonathan, Kevin, Laura, Malcolm, both Marks, Mike, Neil, Nick, Oliver, Patrick, all three Pauls, all three Peters, Randon, both Richards, Sian, Thomas, Tim and Tony, all of whom are incredibly special and dear to our hearts.


We have raised an amazing £3,179 which means we are just £161 off our stretch target which will fund the cost of printing and mounting the exhibition photographs, and we have about 28 hours to go before our campaign ends – Can we do it?

PLEASE spread the word – tweet, Facebook, or whatever you use, email your mates, phone your mum, TELL strangers face to face!


#Outcome for International Women’s Month

Last month: LGBT History, this month International women’s Month – that’s a whole 1/6th of the year dedicated to me!

Seriously though, we are still looking for more women from the lesbian, bi and trans communities to get involved in Outcome. I am determined that the book will be properly representative or the people around me. Tom has a deadline of 1st April to get the balance right (conveniently at the end of International Women’s Month) I’ve been hijacking my own book launch events for The Dowry Blade to go on about Outcome, and I think I’ve sent an email or a Facebook or Twitter hint to every single one of my lesbian friends suggesting immortality is a click of the shutter away, but if I missed someone I’m sorry! Stand up with your sisters… Contact me!

This isn’t about celebrity, or some weird media construct of beauty, okay? It’s about who we really are, and it’s important! Every one of us is unique and amazing and has a story to tell. A number of people have said – but I don’t have a picture of myself as a child. Initially that stalled us, but we’ve thought it through – If there is a story behind that, tell it, we still want you involved.

The Crowd fund has only 2 days to run, expiring around 2pm this Thursday, and we are still getting a steady drip of pledges through. Feel free to help out! Pre-order a copy of the book, invite yourself to the launch in October, or get yourself a badge or a set of postcards, every little helps and is appreciated.

Here are just a few of the magnificent lesbians who are already involved.


New rewards added for Outcome Crowd Fund

Tom and I have been discussing how come we’ve had only quite big offers of support for the Kickstarter campaign for Outcome (NOT that we are complaining!)

Anyway we decided to add a couple of extra small rewards, available for £5 because even a small amount can make a difference, and we want to encourage people who think crowd funding is only for people with lots of cash – quite the opposite! Even a single £1 can help. You have until next Thursday lunchtime to grab a reward and help us towards the launch exhibition.


Those of you who are regular Arachne Supporters are used to our badge making skills. You can just about see that these are rainbow text, and on my laptop at any rate this is about life-sized – 25mm.

The ‘I’m in Outcome’ one is obviously only available to the lovely people whose pictures we have been taking, but ANYONE can back us and have one of the other design.

I also thought you might like to see what a fulsome ‘thank you’ looks like – although backers who opt for  just a ‘thank you’ will get theirs signed and uniquely addressed.


How can you resist?