Tymes goe by Turnes crowdfund 24 hours left…

Greetings. we have just about 24 hours left of our crowdfund.. to raise money for Solstice Shorts 2020, Tymes Goe by Turnes.

Just a reminder of what is on offer…

bespoke poems from Laila Sumpton

writer coaching sessions with Neil Lawrence

writing critiques from Cherry Potts

hand-collected flower seeds from Jane Aldous too late its gone!

a hand-made suncatcher from Patience Mackarness too late its gone!

TICKETS for the festival including a pay it forward where you buy a ticket for you and a ticket for a stranger,

the usual badges and t-shirts and books (of course);


previous solstice shorts titles
this year’s anthology

CD of music from singer songwriter Kevan Taplin, who is a regular performer with Solstice Shorts

CD from Kevan Taplin

prints from cover designer Kevin Threlfall

a hand-crocheted shawl from Karen Ankers

So plenty to choose from! Help us get the festival up and running: back us here

Kickstarting Solstice Shorts 2019

It’s the time of year when we fundraise for Solstice Shorts Festival. This year our theme is Time and Tide.

Fortunately, although it is a lot of work for us, it is fun for YOU.

Come and Sing!

London Sea Shanty Collective, who will be performing at the Greenwich session of Time and Tide, are running a sea shanty workshop for us on Saturday 23rd December at our usual singing workshop spot, St Hilda’s Church Hall, in Crofton Park. No experience necessary! If you are coming to the festival there might be an opportunity to join in! Lots more details here

And there’s a Kickstarter campaign, with lots of daft rewards, and some at least notionally useful. For example, get a copy of the special limited edition anthology of poems and stories, which will not be available to the general public, they will get their own version (just as lovely, but different) in March. lots more info here

We’ll be hilighting other extraordinary rewards over the coming weeks. It’s all or nothing funding, and counts towards match funding, without which we will not get funding from the Arts Council. A bit of a dominoes situation…