Writers’ crowdfund reward for Time and Tide

Crowdfund countdown: 6 days to go…

We know that a lot of the people who read our blog, follow our tweets, sign up to our newsletter or turn up to our events are writers – they may be published by us, or by someone else or they may not be published yet, but they are writers.

This one’s for you.

Get a critique of your fiction: up to 2000 words critiqued by Cherry Potts: author, editor, creative writing tutor and founder of Solstice Shorts Festival. (by email only) for £30 – if you want a longer piece critiqued, pay more! but £30 per 2000 words. Cherry doesn’t pull her punches, you’ll get an honest opinion. Some would say that’s worth rubis and gold dubloons and pearls and… wait a minute, who let that pirate in here?

(Picture above is from our advice-for-writers handmade-book, Allow Your Pen to Lead the Way, we’ve sold out of this on the crowd fund but you get the idea.)

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get your work critiqued, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

crowd fund rewards for Time and Tide – books

Crowdfund countdown: 9 days to go…

AND SOME NEWS: Kickstarter have given us one of their ‘projects we love’ badges. Isn’t that lovely!

Now then, back to business. Books. Of Course. But not just any books – these are Solstice books – obsessed with time, the turning of the earth, and the changing of the seasons. Stories and poems for the dark time of year.

Support our crowdfund for this year’s Solstice Shorts Festival, Time and Tide  by buying one of the previous anthologies:

2014 – Solstice Shorts: Sixteen stories about TIME

2015/16 – Shortest Day, Longest Night

2017 Dusk

2018 Noon

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get one of these lovely books, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!


Crowdfund rewards- time and tide tickets

Crowdfund countdown: 10 days to go…

Ticketing an event that happens in four countries, seven towns and at different times of day and length of event, in a wild variety of venues… is quite a challenge. So we have decided to make all audience contributions voluntary, with a suggested £3 guide price. This won’t cover the costs, but it will help, and leave people enough cash to buy a book or three.

As part of the crowdfund you can buy yourself a ticket, or buy one for a stranger.

We have a straightforward £3 ticket for you, a pay it forward £3 ticket for a stranger, or a £6 supporter ticket which buys you a ticket, and buys a ticket for a stranger. When we get that far, we’ll ask you which venue your ticket is for.

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get a ticket for the event, for you, and/or for a stranger, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Neat Feet for Time and Tide – Crowd Fund reward!

Crowdfund countdown: 11 days to go…

She Wears Sea Shells on the Sea Shore…

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get these amazing sandals, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Size UK 5 1/2. Decorated by shell enthusiast, author, and Time and Tide organiser (Hastings) Joan Taylor-Rowan, these shoes match the dazzling mermaid crown we posted about earlier – so if, like Cinderella your foot fits, you could get both! (I particularly like the seaglass on the right foot.) FRAGILE – for fancy dress parties and dressing up boxes only! These sandals have been worn, by Joan, at just such a party, so are priced extremely competitively.

Limited Edition photos – crowd fund reward for Time and Tide

Crowdfund countdown: 12 days to go…

I can’t stress how important it is that we get this crowdfund to fruition. Without 10% minimum match funding our Arts Council application will fail, and we wil be royally up the creek without paddle, sail or swan to pull us along.

We’ve tried to be imaginative and to tickle your fancy with our crowdfund rewards. Our organisers, in particular, have been very generous with their time and skills. Here’s another one!

These are from Clydebank organiser, Julie Laing.

Limited edition photographs from the site that inspired Julie to get involved in Time and Tide.

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get one of these amazing photos, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Unique handstitched Crowd fund reward for Time and Tide

Crowdfund countdown: 13 days to go…

backed and lined in deep plum velvet-style material (it’s not quite velvet, heavier, looser, but I don’t know what it is called!),

a book cover/ ipad cover type of thing, luxurious, very silly and handmade by chief Arachne editor and Solstice Shorts founder, Cherry Potts. Would make a great solstice present.

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get this amazing hand made item, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

Kickstarting Solstice Shorts 2019

It’s the time of year when we fundraise for Solstice Shorts Festival. This year our theme is Time and Tide.

Fortunately, although it is a lot of work for us, it is fun for YOU.

Come and Sing!

London Sea Shanty Collective, who will be performing at the Greenwich session of Time and Tide, are running a sea shanty workshop for us on Saturday 23rd December at our usual singing workshop spot, St Hilda’s Church Hall, in Crofton Park. No experience necessary! If you are coming to the festival there might be an opportunity to join in! Lots more details here

And there’s a Kickstarter campaign, with lots of daft rewards, and some at least notionally useful. For example, get a copy of the special limited edition anthology of poems and stories, which will not be available to the general public, they will get their own version (just as lovely, but different) in March. lots more info here

We’ll be hilighting other extraordinary rewards over the coming weeks. It’s all or nothing funding, and counts towards match funding, without which we will not get funding from the Arts Council. A bit of a dominoes situation…